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Your daily SBBT interview list:

Mitali Perkins at Big A, Little a: "I favor dead children's book writers--literary mothers like L.M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Johanna Spyri, Maud Hart Lovelace, and others."

Sara Zarr at Interactive Reader: "Adolescence is when we start to really see how choices---as well as things that happen to us that we may not have a choice about---form us."

Justina Chen Headley at Hip Writer Mama: "There is a definite church-and-state separation between authors and illustrators. So my illustrator, the wonderful Mitch Vane of Australia could have transformed Becca into a kangaroo or a wombat…or a huntsman spider. And I wouldn't have been able to do much more than squawk about it."

Justine Larbalestier at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy: "I'm very impressed by writers who are able to stay faithful to outlines. My books are much more recalcitrant than that. They keep twisting and changing as I write."

Dana Reinhardt at lectitans: "I wanted to tell a story about good kids doing something bad. I wanted the main characters to be the kinds of kids people tend to assume are immune to making such enormous mistakes."

Brent Hartinger at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: "Teenagers are so far ahead of adults on this issue that it's funny. But like I said, that's always the way it is."

Laura Ruby at Writing and Ruminating: "The giant rat men were actually based on a gang called The Sewer Rats of Satan that I read about while doing my research on the history of New York City. I decided to make them real rats rather than people calling themselves rats. Because what's a good fantasy without a giant rat man who loves kittens?"

Jordan Sonnenblick by Bildungsroman: I made Steven a boy because I thought I'd be better at nailing the adolescent male voice -- it's alarmingly easy for me to channel my inner teenager. Actually, my wife says that when I wrote DRUMS, I finally found a way to make my immaturity work for me!

Ysabeau Wilce at Finding Wonderland: "My grandfather was a military historian and he started me off young: researching cannons at the National Archives, and volunteering at Fort Point National Historic Site (in San Francisco) during home leave. "


Cool idea!!

Looks like the SBBT is a success to me, Colleen. I would add to this lovely post of quotes: "The publishers constantly look down on their audience, and this is one reason why many of today's kids know so little about other cultures."

That is a great quote isn't it? There have been so many great quotes's really amazing how well this is turning out!

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