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Okay, here's the master schedule of authors that will be interviewed starting Sunday at multiple sites across the lit blogosphere. In case you aren't familiar with an author, I've linked to their sites the first time they are listed so you can check out their stuff. Direct links to the interviews themselves will follow each day next week, as the interviews are posted.

Every participating site will also link to the other interviews that day.

I hope you all learn about a new book or author who intrigues you from this project - or find out about a title that would work for the significant child and/or teen in your life. It's all about the books and reading and learning folks. Check out the interviews and tell us what you think - if this works then we will all be coming back for more.

Sunday, June 17

Gene Yang at Finding Wonderland

Monday, June 18

Tom & Dorothy Hoobler at Chasing Ray
Mitali Perkins at Big A, Little a
Sara Zarr at Interactive Reader
Justina Chen Headley at Hip Writer Mama
Justine Larbalestier at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy
Dana Reinhardt at lectitans
Brent Hartinger at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Laura Ruby at Writing and Ruminating
Jordan Sonnenblick by Bildungsroman
Ysabeau Wilce at Finding Wonderland

Tuesday, June 19

Laura Ruby at Miss Erin
Bennett Madison at Shaken & Stirred
Shaun Tan at A Fuse #8 Production
Chris Crutcher at Bookshelves of Doom
Holly Black at The YA YA YAs
Kazu Kibuishi at Finding Wonderland
Christopher Golden at Bildungsroman
David Brin at Chasing Ray
Kirsten Miller at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Sara Zarr at Big A, little a
Sonya Hartnett at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Wednesday, June 20

Mitali Perkins at Hip Writer Mama
Svetlana Chmakova at Finding Wonderland
Dana Reinhardt at Interactive Reader
Laura Ruby at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy
Holly Black at Shaken & Stirred
Hilary McKay at Bookshelves of Doom
Kirsten Miller at Miss Erin
Julie Ann Peters at A Fuse #8 Production
Carolyn Mackler at The YA YA YAs
Jordan Sonnenblick at Writing and Ruminating

Thursday, June 21

Eddie Campbell
at Chasing Ray
Sara Zarr at Writing and Ruminating
Brent Hartinger at Interactive Reader
Justine Larbalestier at Big A, little a
Cecil Castellucci at Shaken & Stirred
Ysabeau Wilce at Bildungsroman
Jordan Sonnenblick at Jen Robinson's Book Page
Chris Crutcher at Finding Wonderland
Kazu Kibuishi at lectitans
Mitali Perkins at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Laura Ruby at The YA YA YAs

Friday, June 22

Tim Tharp at Chasing Ray
Justina Chen Headley at Big A, little a
Ysabeau Wilce at Shaken & Stirred
Dana Reinhardt at Bildungsroman
Julie Ann Peters at Finding Wonderland
Cecil Castellucci at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy
Bennett Madison at Bookshelves of Doom
Holly Black at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Justine Larbalestier at Hip Writer Mama
Kirsten Miller at A Fuse #8 Production

Saturday, June 23

Justina Chen Headley finishes out the week at Finding Wonderland


Thank you so much for creating this, and for all of your hard work and organization from day one. :)

It's great to see the whole schedule in print. You've organized an incredible event, Colleen. I'm proud to be part of it.

Hey, well done! Tons of good reading next week.

This is so exciting! Thank you for inviting us to participate, especially since we are totally the new kid on the block, and for organizing this.

Thanks so much for all your dedication and efforts. This has been such a wonderful experience. Thank you.

I'm happy to take all the credit guys but remember - if it was just me then, well, this would be pretty boring wouldn't it? ha!

I'm just happy to be showing something positive and unique that the lit blogosphere can do like no other medium. Here's hoping we gets lots of interested readers out of this!

Hi Colleen,
Thanks for answer my question over at Bookshelves of Doom! And thanks for organizing this!

You rock Colleen!

Great work Colleen! I look forward to reading!

Great. I can't wait to read them all!

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