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Next week the same group that brought the Summer Blog Blast Tour and recent One Shot World Tour of Australia to life will be posting about books we all individually feel have been overlooked. Some of them might have been award winners in the distant past, and some are even out of print, but all of them are books that each of us have enjoyed and want to tell more people about. We're calling the event "Recommendations From Under the Radar" (or Radar Books for short) and we really hope you guys will check us out and, more importantly, track down some of these great books as well.

Just as our other multiblog events have worked in the past, we will be providing links each day to all of the other Radar Book posts on our sites. So no worries about trying to track us all down - visit the sites you normally hit and we will kindly send you in the direction of more Radar posts. Just in case you want to see the full schedule though, I will have all sites listed by day, including the books to be discussed at each, in a post on Friday. (It's a big list- we will be talking about more than fifty books through the course of the week.)

We're doing this because so much coverage is given to new books or even worse - the same new books over and over and over again - and we think that is a rather short sighted way for the book buying (or borrowing) public to learn about books. In all this whining about book reviewing (and yes, I do think alot of it has been no more than whining) no one has chimed in with an explanation for why a book like The Road really needed to be reviewed to death. (Did a single major city newspaper in the Western world not review that book?) It's not that McCarthy didn't deserve the coverage it's that I don't think any single book needs that much coverage - especially when it comes at the price of so very many other good reads.

So, since we are all about doing what we can to change our corner of the literary world, we decided to get together and write about books we want other readers to know about. You've got all kinds of genres here, and although we do certainly write more to the audience of kids books (the kidlitosphere just loves to do the multiblog thing...) there will be some author interviews and discussions of classic authors who might have fallen out of vogue and other general interesting bookishness.

In other words, plenty to keep folks interested regardless of age and interest.

Our next group effort will be in October with a second One Shot celebrating "Bradbury Season" and then the first week in November we will be unleashing the Winter Blog Book Tour on the lit blogosphere. That will rock hugely - trust me.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. I look forward to hearing what you guys think of our efforts.

[Post pic is from Dorothy of Oz, a comic book (available as tpb) that I truly adore. I'll be writing about it Monday.]


Is this a by-invitation-only deal? Or can anyone participate? I can think of several books, both children's books and adult books, that would qualify as "under the radar," and I'd love to give them some publicity

When I organize these big things (like the SBBT, WBBT and Radar Books) I do start out just with the existing group. We spend a crazy amount of time working out what we will cover, what days, how committed we will be and all that. I think the big projects only succeed when there is a core group who in on board from the beginning - plus it is just about the only way I can keep it all straight; by having that defined group to work with.

Having said that though, the point is to bring attention to books and if you have some then certainly we want to link to you. The schedule for all the sites and titles will go up here Friday - we average ten posts a day. Take a look and email me what you want to do either this weekend or on the specific days and I will be sure to add you to my daily schedule and make sure everyone else knows too so they can add the link. I look forward to seeing your choices!

Thanks, I'll do that.

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