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Your WBBT schedule for Monday, November 5th. I do want to say up front that as of today I need to read every single thing Tom Sniegoski writes. I love this guy - go read his interview and you will too!


Perry Moore at The Ya Ya Yas: "What better allegory for a Vietnam vet than a fallen superhero? What better allegory for growing up gay than a kid who has to hide his superpowers?"

Nick Abadzis at Chasing Ray: "I'm not sure that people, far and wide, young and old, know enough 20th century history at all. I can't speak for here in the USA, but in the UK I worry that history isn't taught in schools enough, not in a way that captures and stimulates the imagination or, at least, the investigative instincts of children. I'm not saying that there aren't imaginative history teachers out there – of course there are – but I worry that the curriculum isn't set up in such a way as to make history, sciences and arts attractive to kids."

Carrie Jones at Hip Writer Mama: "When I was talking to a NY-based agent about another one of my books, he said, 'Carrie, nobody has issues with gay people any more, not even in rural Maine.'
I want so badly for that to be true."

Phyllis Root at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: "Would you be more concerned with health care for all children if you were caring for your croupy grandbaby? . . . I do think that it would fundamentally change government if those for whom we govern were present and needing tending while decisions were being made."

Laura Amy Schlitz at Fuse Number 8: "I'll tell you how I feel about Candlewick Press. I had a friend who found a puppy in the street one New Year's Eve. It was sleeting, and she heard the puppy whimpering, so she scooped it up and took it to a New Year's Eve party. One minute the puppy was outside shivering, and the next minute it was sitting in front of the fire, licking champagne and Beef Wellington off the fingers of the party guests. That's me and Candlewick Press. "

Kerry Madden at lectitans: "There is a timelessness out in the country, and I imagined Truman Capote or Harper Lee in the backseat of some old Ford as kids driving the same back roads in a car full of relatives. When my daughter, Norah, (now 8) and I stayed for a few weeks in the Smoky Mountains, I watched her play, chasing lightning bugs, listening for the family of groundhogs who lived under the cabin...It felt like the rest of the world was so far away, so I tried imagine what it would be like to be a woman raising kids in a mountain holler...I love getting away from my day-to-day adult life."

Tom Sniegoski at Bildungsroman: "Boy, did I get looks when I'd start to talk about dinosaurs, monsters, and superheroes. My mother used to try and bribe me with Hot Wheels cars so I wouldn't like weird stuff. She's say, "I'll buy you this Hot Wheel, but you have to stop talking about Frankenstein." I'd agree, and then that night I'd be talking about the Creature From the Black Lagoon."

Connie Willis at Finding Wonderland: "I love Heinlein's books, but when I read Space Cadet, which is about teenagers going to the space academy so they can be astronauts, again, I was really annoyed at how "gee whiz! isn't this great?" attitude all the characters had. I mean, being an astronaut is a really dangerous job and living on a space station is downright uncomfortable. I mean, you can't take real showers, and there's no room, and I don't even want to think about how unpleasant zero-gravity toilets must be. But everybody in the book was just thrilled to be there, and I decided it might be fun to have somebody who wasn't thrilled be stuck at a space academy."


A big awww to the puppy analogy by Schlitz!

It's puppy day, I think, between that, your Laika love, and my piece with Tom, who keeps a picture of his dog Mulder in his wallet. In fact, Tom would only put a picture of himself at his site if it had Mulder in it. :)

It's so good to read a happy puppy story after Laika's - hers just about kills me.......

LIVE, puppies, LIVE!

I enjoy the band Laika. Whenever I tell anyone about them, I tell them about the real dog, and there is much sadness.

Please hug your adorable critter for me.

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