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Perfect timing for yesterday's What a Girl Wants Post - if you zoom in you will see that it says "Bella and Edward's favorite book". Oh goody - now if Bella's style doesn't mess with the minds of teen girls everywhere they get Catherine's monumental inability to run away from the craziest bit of bad love EVER to hold up as a romantic example. (If ever there was someone who needed to be put out of his misery it was Heathcliff.)

Kudos to the publisher for going after their audience though - they nailed this one. (Haven't seen the US cover up at amazon yet - read more on the whole deal at the Guardian.)

Hat tip to Bookslut.



Oh good lord. I felt that one right in my gut.

so long as they keep their hands off Jane Eyre...

Some interesting discussion over at my LJ blog ( after I posted on the matter over there...

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