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Here's the list - and don't forget it will be updated with direct urls and quotes every day. Also each of the sites will be linking daily to the other interviews. Hope you find something here that interests you!

Monday, November 16th

Courtney Sheinmel at Bildungsroman: "I'm definitely more afraid of dying than speaking in public, but I still get nervous when I have to do it...."

Derek Landy at Finding Wonderland: "If someone's head explodes, for example, the only thing I'm going to say is "His head explodes"- I'm not going to describe the blood or the brain matter!"

Mary E. Pearson at Miss Erin: "The easiest and most glorious part is writing 'The End.' "

Megan Whalen Turner at Hip Writer Mama: "As much as I love short stories, they come rarely—like little presents left on the doorstep. There's no ordering them online with guaranteed delivery, no matter how much I save up for it."

Frances Hardinge at Fuse Number 8: "Expect kidnaps, betrayal, chocolate, moonlit chases, traps within traps, consequences, fire from above, death-defying chimney incidents and an extremely important radish."

Jim Ottaviani at Chasing Ray: "So the notion that heroes are defined by the strength of their opposition couldn't be more true in this case and I wanted to show the Russian engineers and cosmonauts as the formidable competition that they were. And, as I hope the book showed out, they really were competitors, not enemies."

Tuesday November 17th

Ann Marie Fleming at Chasing Ray: "the single most surprising thing i learned about long tack sam... besides EVERYTHING... was that he did a full chinese circus act... that he was an acrobat (?!), a comic, and did old time magic as well as western sleight of hand. just to see him in full chinese regalia was a shock. i had only seen images of him as a westernized man."

Laurie Faria Stolarz at Bildungsroman: "I started researching different types of supernatural powers and discovered the power of psychometry, the ability to sense things through touch. The concept fascinated me, and so I wanted to bring it out in a character, showing how sometimes even the most extraordinary powers can also be a curse."

Patrick Carman at Miss Erin: "And then.... not to obvious, but I really love Tolkien. When I read The Lord of the Rings, it was the only time that I finished reading something and then turned around and started reading it all over again. "

Jacqueline Kelly at Hip Writer Mama: "Falling in love with old houses is an extremely expensive habit. Unfortunately, I ran out of money before I could completely fix it up, and the house is inadequately air conditioned. Some of the rooms have old window units and some don't. I was lying under the AC in the parlor one really hot day wondering how people stood the heat in the house a hundred years earlier, with no air conditioning at all.....By the way, I promised the house that if I made money from the book, I would fix it up and restore it to its former glory. So keep that in mind this holiday season."

Dan Santat at Fuse Number 8: A video interview! "The following will appear during this interview at some point: Lightsabers, clones, chicken puppets, Rock Band, the digestion of hamburgers, L.A., New York, tears, sweat, and very little blood."

Nova Ren Suma at Shelf Elf: "In school—I am not kidding—I did have three friends named Heather, and of course my name is Nova, so I didn't really fit, but that was just a simple coincidence; "Heather" was a very popular name back then. Really, this movie taught me some meaningful lessons about being a misfit. I've learned that I'd rather NOT fit in than turn evil just to be part of the in-crowd."

Wednesday, November 18th

Sy Montgomery Pt 1 at Chasing Ray: "You have to listen for truth when writing and sometimes that truth is cloaked in myth or story."

Jacqui Robbins at Bildungsroman: "Hmm. It just occurred to me that all three of my current projects deal with the war between girls and boys. Don't tell my husband."

Sarwat Chadda at Finding Wonderland: "The violence is there for a reason. I'm hoping it affects you because it is brutal and leads to loss. I hate the 'kill and quip' style of comedy violence where brutal things happen and the hero walks away with a smart one-liner. Death has consequences. I needed to establish that on the first page, on the first line."

Cynthia Leitich Smith at Hip Writer Mama: "Grandma says, "My, aren't you the savage little Indian!" (I overheard this in a bookstore, said to a young child who was misbehaving.)."

Beth Kephart at Shelf Elf: "My books are not off-the-chart sellers; I am in jeopardy, with each new book I write, of finally being told, You know, you are just not hitting the numbers; you are no longer an author we can support. (Indeed, I have been told that; miraculously I have been saved again and again by an editor willing to take a risk.) My writing life is full of uncertainty, therefore, but I know of no other way to work the page."

And BONUS - an interview with Annie Barrows at Great Kid Books: "My favorite book of all time was Little Women. But I read it way too soon. At seven, I was very confused about Beth dying. The book said she "went out with the tide" and I thought, Gee, that's a funny time to go on vacation."

Thursday, November 19th

Sy Montgomery Pt 2 at Chasing Ray: "Grief sucked and writing while grieving was very very hard. But this book kept getting more personal as I wrote and became a book about family. Family isn't about blood or genetics; it's about love and that is what the book is about and now Christopher is visiting the world."

Laini Taylor at Shelf Elf: "I love naming characters. When I was a kid this was my favorite part of writing, and often was as far as I got. Now, I have lists in various notebooks—weird names I hear in the news or see in film credits; made-up names; names from other cultures, including languages I'd never even heard of until I stumbled upon them doing research—like Tamazight, the Berber language spoken by a character in my current book)."

Jim DiBartolo at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: "I also have some Partridge Family songs on my iPod. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT! YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?! *ahem*"

Amanda Marrone at Writing & Ruminating: "Last year I had a librarian write to me to say she sees kids in her library all the time and none of them are like my characters in Uninvited and she was tossing the book in the trash because it was so unrealistic. I had to laugh—I was the kid in the library all of the time checking out books. I certainly never would have told the librarian what I was up to and I didn't look like the kind of kid who was cutting classes and playing drinking games with my friends."

Thomas Randall at Bildungsroman: "I should point out that I think there's a difference between dreaming about someone you've lost and actually having the feeling that they have touched you in some way. I'm a born skeptic, but it isn't that I don't want to's that I do."

Michael Hague at Fuse Number 8: "Hal Foster's Prince Valiant was the only comic I was officially allowed to read. By officially, I mean Mum approved. I guess Prince Valiant was ok because my mom was British. All other comics were banned. She was certain I would become a juvenile delinquent if I read any of them. Thank God she never found my secret stash of Mad magazines."

Friday, November 20th

Lisa Schroeder at Writing & Ruminating
: "Cupcakes are little bundles of happiness with frosting on top! Just thinking about cupcakes makes people happy, right? "

Alan DeNiro at Shaken & Stirred: "Of course these horrific displacements with refugees take place all over the world, but the way Katrina's human disaster impinged on the American experience, and into the common thread of the nation's kicked my ass and pushed me to finish the novel. "

Joan Holub at Bildungsroman: "When I first began submitting manuscripts to publishers, my husband called my submissions "boomerangs" because I'd send them out to publishers and they'd come right back with a "no thanks"."

Pam Bachorz at Mother Reader: "There are lots of small parts of my life that found their way into my story, of course... like my father's penchant for pointing up in the sky and shouting, 'Look! A dead bird!' "

Sheba Karim at Finding Wonderland: "My parents still worry about me, as parents are wont to do. It's hard to make a career as a writer, and there's a lot to be said for a stable paycheck, but I haven't once looked back."

R.L. LaFevers at Hip Writer Mama: "Also, I've had a rather satisfying adulthood, whereas my childhood was another matter. I felt powerless, voiceless, swept along by events I barely understood and couldn't control. For me, those were the ages that were most ripe with material and issues that act as good story fodder."


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