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And here is Day #4.................

Thursday, November 19th

Sy Montgomery Pt 2 at Chasing Ray: "Grief sucked and writing while grieving was very very hard. But this book kept getting more personal as I wrote and became a book about family. Family isn't about blood or genetics; it's about love and that is what the book is about and now Christopher is visiting the world."

Laini Taylor at Shelf Elf: "I love naming characters. When I was a kid this was my favorite part of writing, and often was as far as I got. Now, I have lists in various notebooks—weird names I hear in the news or see in film credits; made-up names; names from other cultures, including languages I'd never even heard of until I stumbled upon them doing research—like Tamazight, the Berber language spoken by a character in my current book)."

Jim DiBartolo at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: "I also have some Partridge Family songs on my iPod. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT! YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?! *ahem*"

Amanda Marrone at Writing & Ruminating: "Last year I had a librarian write to me to say she sees kids in her library all the time and none of them are like my characters in Uninvited and she was tossing the book in the trash because it was so unrealistic. I had to laugh—I was the kid in the library all of the time checking out books. I certainly never would have told the librarian what I was up to and I didn't look like the kind of kid who was cutting classes and playing drinking games with my friends."

Thomas Randall at Bildungsroman: "I should point out that I think there's a difference between dreaming about someone you've lost and actually having the feeling that they have touched you in some way. I'm a born skeptic, but it isn't that I don't want to's that I do."

Michael Hague at Fuse Number 8: "Hal Foster's Prince Valiant was the only comic I was officially allowed to read. By officially, I mean Mum approved. I guess Prince Valiant was ok because my mom was British. All other comics were banned. She was certain I would become a juvenile delinquent if I read any of them. Thank God she never found my secret stash of Mad magazines."

Post title from Michael Hague - dear heavens, can you imagine the world if he had listened to that woman??? The horror!!


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