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Here are the interviews for today (it will be updated with all quotes as they go live) and don't forget to check out the Master Schedule for what you might have missed this week!


Kathi Appelt at Shelf Elf: "When I write a dog character, I don't want the dog to be a human-in-dog's-clothing, even though to a certain extent there's some of that anyways, rather I want the dog to feel dog-ish on the page."

Heidi Ayarbe at The Happy Nappy Bookseller: "I have a rule of thumb for novel characters. Protagonist or antagonist, they have to be good at something. They have to excel so we can admire them (even if we might hate them)."

Julia DeVillers & Jennifer Roy at Bildungsroman: "I have a master's degree in journalism but I petitioned to take children's literature in the education department as a 'minor.' (I had to petition because the journalism board didn't think children's literature was 'serious' enough. I won that battle.)"

LeUyen Pham at Finding Wonderland: "I went to the Brooklyn City archives and the New York City archives to research what the cities looked like at the turn of the century, the costuming, everything. I found an old collection of city maps that would be the equivalent to today's "Thomas Guide Maps", with the exception that the maps were also labeled with the local businesses. Then I cross-referenced those maps with old photographs at the time, to determine just which streets I was looking at, in regards to the Brooklyn Bridge. So in the book, the store fronts at the houses are all fairly accurate to what would have been Brooklyn at the time."

Paula Yoo at Hip Writer Mama: "FINISH WHAT YOU START. I had a teacher say anyone can start a novel. Anyone can start a script. And there are many talented writers out there. But not everyone can FINISH a novel or script. And being talented is only half the battle – you have to also be a "finished writer" in order to succeed in this business."


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