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Recent news of note in case you missed it:

1. Doret interviewed Baltimore Ravens tackle Michael Oher (made famous by The Blind Side) about his new autobiography. Coolest revelation? He loves poetry! Here's a bit from the interview:

Chapter 17, On Raven's Wings begins with a great Cinderella* reference. How much grief will your teammates give you for that?

If anyone wants to give me grief about it, we can settle it by arm wrestling.

And the reference:

People like to talk about "Cinderella stories," but Cinderella didn't get her happy ending without lifting a finger. She had to show up at the ball, be charming and smooth, and win over the prince. Of course she had help along the way, but ultimately it was up to her to make the fairytale ending happen.

2. Gwenda Bond is guest editing the YA issue of Subterranean Press' online magazine this summer. Get a load of the this killer TOC:

"Queen of Atlantis" by Sarah Rees Brennan
"Mirror, Mirror" by Tobias S. Buckell
"Younger Women" by Karen Joy Fowler
"Their Changing Bodies" by Alaya Dawn Johnson
"The Ghost Party" by Richard Larson
"Valley of the Girls" by Kelly Link
"The Fox" by Malinda Lo
"Seek-No-Further" by Tiffany Trent
"Demons, Your Body, and You" by Genevieve Valentine

Fowler, Link & Lo! Can't wait to read this issue and way to go Gwenda on getting such an amazing group of authors together!

3. The new issue of Bookslut is up and includes my column (about the world outside - I'm especially delighted to share my love for LADIES OF THE FIELD about women archaeologists), a review of BOUND TO LAST (an essay anthology about actual books vs ebooks - it's awesome) and a review of IT'S EASIER TO REACH HEAVEN THEN THE END OF THE STREET, a memoir about an American living in Israel that must be read by anyone seeking to appreciate the insanity of what they term "the situation".

Here's a bit I loved from BOUND TO LAST from J. Courtney Sullivan about The Portable Dorothy Parker:

For a certain kind of girl, Dorothy Parker is the human expression of wit and spunk and strength and rebellion. The same way generations of new kids are always discovering the music of Kurt Cobain -- thinking they're the first, or if not, then at least the ones who truly understand it most -- girls like me discovered her. In doing so I imagined another life for myself.

4. In case you were wondering kids, that's why writer write, and also, why readers read.

[Post pic of Dorothy Parker, of course!]


Thank you, dahlink!

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