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We're ramping up for KidLit Con in Seattle this September and I know a lot of you have questions about how much and where and when. Here's the run down of what we have lined up so far:

DATE: September 16 - 17

PLACE: Hotel Monaco, Seattle


Before July 1

$30 pre-con
$95 Saturday including dinner
$75 Saturday w/o dinner

July 1- August 31:

$35 pre-con
$100 Saturday
$80 Saturday w/o dinner

The "pre-con" is how we are referring to Friday. It will also have panels but will start after lunch and run until cocktail hour. The keynote and main panels will run on Saturday.

The price includes lunch and snacks on Saturday, a snack on Friday - there is an option to go for dinner or not on Saturday.

We have received a contract from Hotel Monaco which is fantastic. It is a gorgeous hotel and we were stunned to see the prices beat other far less impressive hotels downtown. We opted to go with a downtown site so folks could actually enjoy a bit of Seattle while they are here. As the web site shows though, the light rail from the airport will drop you off only one block from the hotel. You literally get off the rail, take a two-three minute walk and you are looking at the entry. (No joke.) (It is up an uphill two-three minute walk though - apologies to everyone for that.)

As soon as we get the website updated we will let you know what stop to take on the light rail so you can get right to the hotel.

HOTEL RATES: $165 per night - for a single or a double room. You can also triple up for $180 a night. The rooms are, in a word, fantastic and for downtown Seattle this is pretty amazing rate-wise. I promise you will not be disappointed. (And yes, there is complimentary wi-fi.)

BOOKLET: We are going to publish a book this year for all conference participants that will have information on everyone attending (who provides us with info!) so you can easily check the websites of your fellow bloggers (be they reviewers, librarians, authors, illustrators, etc.) We will also be selling ad space in the booklet for publishers and anyone else who would like to let folks know about their upcoming books or whatever. Bloggers can certainly buy an ad if they like (whether they are attending or not). Rates are:

$15 Business Card Size
$25 Quarter Page
$50 Half Page
$75 Full Page

SPONSORSHIP: We are talking to several publishers about sponsorship of the con which would go towards a great "meet and greet" party Friday night and other catering expenses.

SWAG: We are not going the traditional swag route this year but cooking up something special to help one of our favorite book-giving groups in the world - more on that later. However, there will be lots of promotional materials from publishers in the form of postcards, bookmarks, catalogs, etc so plenty of opportunity to learn more about fall books. Also, Secret Garden Bookshop will be on hand Saturday to sell titles they think we would be interested in. (If you are an author attending the con we will be sure to let them know so some of your books can be there.)

HOW CAN YOU PAY - We will have the registration form going up at the Kidlitsphere site soon and you will be able to register then. We prefer you pay us via check as opposed to Paypal so that all the money is ours and helps keep the prices down. Registering will be sorted out VERY soon, promise.

Questions? I'm sure you have a ton of them. Shout them out here in the comments or via twitter (@kidlitcon) and Jackie and I will get right back to ya.



I can't wait! I'm so there.

Thanks to the planners for all your hard work on this! I hope to be able to come, but I don't know yet.

Wouldn't miss this for the world... Thanks, Kidlit Con team!

So, I do have a question: have you set aside a block of rooms for the con, or is it just first-come, first serve? Also, is there some sort of code to get the $165 rate, or is that the hotel's usual rate?

Melissa - we do have a block of rooms and the $165 rate is a special. The reason we haven't opened up registration on the con itself yet is because we are waiting on the hotel to be ready to accept folks calling and getting those rooms. I talked to them yesterday and we should be good to go tomorrow. A post will go up at Kidlitosphere Central and here and there will be tweets, so you can get your room then!

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