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Be sure to also check out the holiday book fair announcement for Ballou Sr High School over at Guys Lit Wire.

at Crazy Quilts: "Toledo? Yep. Toledo is my hometown and when I saw that a new, young Black author had set a book in Toledo, I had to read it. I grinned when I found that the main character attended an all girl Catholic high school, as I had as well. The streets, restaurants and stores took me back home and developed a special relationship between the book and this reader."

The Works: Anatomy of a City at The Ya Ya Yas: "Ascher dissects streets, the subway, rail freight, water and sewage systems, cell phone service, and much more. Want to know how bridges and tunnels are cleaned? How electricity is transmitted? Or how FedEx transports packages? It's all in The Works."

Historical London at Interactive Reader: "I have unbridled love for this second book of the Montmaray Journals. The enormous love I thought I felt for A Brief History of Montmaray pales in comparison for this longer, quieter, less axe-laden sequel.

Alternate London at Finding Wonderland: "It's where I learned how to mix a gin and tonic, where I got hit on by a Scottish soccer hooligan, where I ran gleefully through a hedge maze and rode my first subway. It was the first overseas place I ever visited, as a baby and then as a four-year-old toddling around after my parents; again as a sullen thirteen-year-old, with my mother. It's a place where I have friends, where I have extended family, where I feel like I have invisible roots, however tenuous."

Silver Sparrow at The Happy Nappy Bookseller: "You know an author is good when people will stay in a room with no air conditioning in summer(in the south mind you). I think that speaks volumes for Jones talent and how much she will always be loved by her native city.

Blackout at Mother Reader: "With three quarters of the population living in urban/suburban areas, kids can relate to street noises as much as cricket songs. They get cars and trucks and things that go. Here's another thing: They don't require a moral tale of how busy/loud/scary the city can be compared to the calm serenity of the countryside. (I'm looking at you, Town Mouse.)"

Tough Boy Sonatas
at Writing & Ruminating: "It was a pleasure because Crisler has put together a collection of poetry specifically for teenage boys, and more specifically, for kids who come from the 'hood or the wrong side of the track (or those who feel that way, wherever they may be from)."

Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes at Shelf Elf: "I'd like to believe that there are cities where neighbors you just sort of recognize but don't really know yet could show up on your doorstep with a homemade treat and you'd be delighted, rather than weirded out."

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn at Chasing Ray: The first time I read Betty Smith's A Tree Grows in Brooklyn it was because my grandmother pulled a book club edition off my mother's shelf and told me I needed to read it, that it was, in her words, "the story of my life".

The Piper's Son at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy: "The neighborhood, the Sydney neighborhood, is as much a character in The Piper's Son as any person. So much so, that someone later observes that Tom himself has never moved out of it, always living within a few blocks of friends and family. You could draw a line around the parameters of your world, Tom."

It's all about Terry Pratchett's Discworld City Guard novels at Finding Wonderland: "If you've never read any of the Discworld novels, and this just sounds like a geek-ramble to you... well, it is. Other than providing you with story lines, almost anything I say about these books will contain spoilers - which is no fun. The Discworld novels are an acquired taste, but the thing is, it's an easily acquired taste, if you're in a slightly punchy mood and have studied philosophy (which describes half of the British people I know). It crosses easily into American readership because in spite of everything, the characters in the novels really love their city, and make you love it, too."


Ah, I wish I'd known about this tour beforehand!

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