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First, all you holiday shoppers need to head over to the Magick4Terri auction and make a bid or two because there is a TON of stuff (books, music, food, sweaters, art, jewelry) to win and then gift to the ones you love. I donated a copy of MAP which is up to $50 (which is pretty awesome) and will personalize it as the winner chooses, wrap it up in aviation sectional (nav map) and include some Alaska flying pictures to boot. Go, bid, give to a worthy cause for a wonderful recipient.

In other news I am all about my own personal holiday stuff, things with MAP are moving forward and will ramp up much more in the new year. (I am setting up a mini tour in Alaska this spring and shall be out and about in Washington State as well.) There is some disquieting news still on the bookstore shelving front but I'm realizing I just have to convince the world that stocking my book is the right thing to do. Sounds easy, don't ya think?

Yeah, well, it's a plan.

For those of you book shopping, (either for others or pre-planning for possible gift cards in the stocking), I highly recommend HEMINGWAY'S BOAT which is a biography like no other - really a class in how to write a biography around a subject that manages to still tell you a great deal about your subject. (It's artful what Paul Hendrickson has done here, really artful.) (And you don't have to be a major Hemingway fan to love it.) (I have written/tweeted more than once about my love for this book but just can't seem to stop myself.)

I also want to recommend reading David Abrams's appreciation of THE SCRAPBOOK OF FRANKIE PRATT. This one is on my own holiday list as I have a mad passion for scrapbook-type stories and illustrated books in general. It strikes me as a fictional title reminiscent of the biography MAGICAL LIFE OF LONG TACK SAM (which I love love love) and so I am quite happy to see David's favorable impression of it.

Scrapbooks really need to come back by the way - real scrapbooking not cookie-cutter scrapbooking (which is fine but rather dull and certainly predictable). Oh - if you want to buy a book that is all about living a scrapbook life then you must get Barbara Hodgson's TRADING IN MEMORIES which is beautiful beyond belief. (Actually you should own all books by Barbara Hodgson.)

Barbara Hodgson is awesome.

And have you seen Diane Keaton's new book THEN AGAIN? It's all about her life and her mother and the 85 scrapbooks her mother kept over the years. (See a review and some images here.) This is also on my holiday list. I have my great grandmother's photo albums and they remind me of what Keaton's mother did. I'll post some pics of the pages soon.

More good book recs tomorrow, promise!

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