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Oh good gravy - where has the week gone? Well, we bought a new mattress (finally!) and the puppy (okay, he's 100lbs so a biiiig puppy) went insane and killed a plant in our living room by tearing it into teeny tiny pieces and getting it (and the dirt) everywhere, and I finalized a week long tour in Alaska (it's like crossing America so be impressed) and we nearly got all the taxes done (soon, soon, soon) and I was sick.

Oh yeah, that's where the week has gone. But still here are some bits of note:

1. New issue of Bookslut is out with my column about illustrated books and graphic novels. I think the literary world would be a better place with more illustrations in it. I know they make me happy.

2. After a peek at this bookstack I can only assume that Maud Newton and I are having some sort of reading convergence. I can't believe how many books to read we have in common - and such good taste we have! ha!

3. And hey - a Maud Newton podcast interview!

4. Andrea Barrett has fiction in the new issue of Tinhouse. That means that yes, I am all over getting a copy as soon as possible. (The issue is dedicated to science.) (This makes me very happy.)

5. I have finished reading Strange Tribes about the Hemingway family. I'm still thinking about it but soon I'm going to post about it. (There is a lot to think about.)

6. Finally, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel just looks fabulous - Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy and on and on. I couldn't be more excited!



I am struggling with The Best Exotic, because...I think it has an amazing British cast, but it looks so full of 'gaze in amazement at 'exotic' India and boggle at the strangeness of the not English world' stuff every time I see the trailer.

DRAT IT. Your thingy ate my comment, but I was saying that while I do think that the Dench movie looks beautiful, the word "colonialism" and the phrase "country as Magical/Mystical construct" came to mind. I have recently read For The Win, so MAYBE I'm a little more negative toward pretty-happy-colorful-native films than I might otherwise be, but this is ... I dunno. I'd reserve judgment til I saw it, but .... hm. Love Judy Dench, though.

I agree with both of you re: colonialism. I'm reserving judgment though as I think part of it might be framed around the characters starting out that way (in the wide eyed wonder of it all) and then relaxing into it. We'll have to see but I am exceedingly hopeful - JUDI DENCH!!

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