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1. The celebration of Diane Wynne Jones continues - be sure to check the tumblr for updated links to all posts as they go live. If you missed it, the post at Finding Wonderland on Friday was amazing. Here's a bit:

At a time when books were not only a source of joy but an escape from feeling uncertain and new at school, from feeling angry and frustrated by the ongoing aftereffects of my parents' divorce a few years prior, I was more than happy to believe, to plunge headfirst into the adventures of Christopher Chant and Sophie and Howl and everyone else.

2. Kate Milford, author of the wonderful The Boneshaker, has a Kickstarter project for a novella sequel. (She has a companion novel, The Broken Lands, due out this fall from Clarion and the novella will serve as a bridge of sorts.) I'm a big fan of Kate's and think The Kairos Mechanism sounds pretty darn fantastic. Do go fund it if you interested in more rural fantasy with shades of steapunk, mystery and adventure tossed in. (Kate will be here for an interview in the SBBT in June where we will talk about the novella and The Broken Lands.)

3. And speaking of Kickstarter, have you heard about the Wollstonecraft comic? Mary Shelly and Ada Lovelace as girl detectives. If that doesn't bring a smile to your face then, well, then you are not my friend! ha! It's already crazy funded but go read about it and help Airship Ambassador do even more.

4. And it's Day #2 of the Guys Lit Wire Book Fair for Ballou High School. Please help spread the word and if you can, buy a book for this school. Their funds are low, demand is high and the book fair is pretty darn vital. Making it a sellout would be a wonderful thing.

5. Now I'll finish writing my review of Nova Ren Suma's Imaginary Girls. WOW - what a book!!! (For the May column!)


:O I am agog at number 3 on your list. So much awesome!

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