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1. So yesterday was pretty darn huge from a writerly perspective. Nancy Pearl selected MAP as a Summer Read for NPR. This was a total bucket list moment and I can't begin to say what it means.

2. I plan to beam about this moment for a while. Like months. In case you were wondering.

3. I am happy to be reading positive reviews on the upcoming HBO movie about Martha Gellhorn and Ernest Hemingway. If you are a Gellhorn fan (and you should be), you must check out this essay at The Millions on the letters Gellhorn exchanged with the author's grandmother. Great stuff on writing and motherhood and being a mid-century woman with dreams.

4. Neil Gaiman writes about the very romantic origin of one of Amanda Palmer's songs on her upcoming album. He also writes about a very expensive book that is part of her Kickstarter project. Those two really do things first class all the way. (I'm supporting the project by the way - but on the much lower CD level scale.)

5. I'm still freaking out about being on the NPR website.

6. SPACE X has successfully launched!!!

7. If you like zombie stories I highly recommend When Will You Rise by Mira Grant, upcoming from Sub Press. This novella freaked me out in a cold, calculating, completely believable, Stephen-King's-The-Stand kind of way. I don't really like zombie stories but I can't forget what Davis has done here. Check it out.

8. Outside magazine has an impressive piece of journalism up online about the recent deaths on Everest. This picture pretty much says it all, doesn't it? Look at that line up. Remove the snow it might as well be Disney. Crazy.

[Post pic by Ralf Dujmovits from Outside.]



Okay, I am SO excited by this.
Also, SPACE X??!?!?! Ridiculously excited by that; have been watching through their whole process and just DYING as they have had to keep bumping the launch for whatever reason, and THEY DID IT!!!!

FINGERS so crossed. Suddenly all sorts of good things seem possible.

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Congrats on the NPR mention--it means my library FINALLY ordered your book yesterday! (I bought my copy last month to take on vacation-I'll be able to put it on "staff recommends" when we get back!) Can't wait to check out the new Mira Grant.

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