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Here is your interview schedule for the week - I'll be updating with quotes and direct urls as the interviews go live. Feel free to copy this schedule as often as you wish!


Kate Milford - Chasing Ray: "Staten Island is a perfect blank for lots of folks, except they know there's a ferry and they know there's an expressway."

Randa Abdel Fattah - Crazy QuiltEdi: "...A feeling of dread came over me as I worried that I'd be the last person to be chosen. And it clicked then that the desire to belong and not stand out as 'a loner' never quite leaves you, even after your school days are long gone."

Tim Lebbon - Bildungsroman: "Blimey...quite some time since I wrote that story. It's a tale about a guy losing his wife, and then trying to regain some hold on her by bringing back all the dolls she used to collect."

Nalo Hopkinson - The Happy Nappy Bookseller: "It's a dilemma for many -- not all --young black Canadians as they try to self-define. On this continent, blackness is seen as synonymous with black Americanness. If they don't look and act like what people associate with American blackness, they get seen as weird, inauthentic."


Timothy Decker - Chasing Ray: "I put hours into every illustration because I want to make drawings that are so interesting or intense that a child falls into them. I want them to have a magical adventure inside their mind, where my words or maybe just my illustrations spark all kinds of thoughts or questions. No one blows through my books as if the stories are mindless entertainment, they have to bring their brain and meet me half way."

YS Lee - The Ya Ya Yas: "What's not to love about a perfect storm of mega-pollution, heat wave, and the great public health panic of urban London?"

Tanita Davis - The Happy Nappy Bookseller: "A little bonus fact: I wrote Ysabel's backstory twice because originally she was in orchestra, and my editor said that there were too many YA novels with female characters who played cellos."


Cynthia Levinson - The Happy Nappy Bookseller: "The story behind who was the mayor of Birmingham-- there were two, who were suing each other for control!--turned out to explain, in part, why Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote his famous "Letter from Birmingham Jail."

Amy Reed - Stacked: "If a genre called "Literary YA" exists, John Green and Laurie Halse Anderson are the king and queen of it."

Rosemary Clement-Moore - Finding Wonderland: "I keep hearing Tim Gunn from Project Runway in my head: "Make it work." But that's sort of my life philosophy. Happiness and success aren't handed to you--but the tools for achieving them are inside all of us."


Dave Roman - Bildungsroman: "One minute John Green and I are discussing 80's cartoons and the spectrum of cool vs. less-cool transformation powers, then we're talking about imaginary boardroom meetings gone wrong, and before long we were pitching tag lines like "The ANGST of being a teen, the THRILL of being a boat."

L. Divine - Crazy QuiltEdi: "The most challenging obstacle I'm currently encountering is keeping the books published. Just because I (and my readers) have faith in the series doesn't necessarily mean it's easy to publish and market."

Robin LaFevers - Finding Wonderland: "However, I think one of the true shockers for me as a 21st century woman was learning that some medieval women preferred joining a convent because it would give them more freedom, independence, and autonomy than their other life choices!"


Benjamin Alire Saenz - The Happy Nappy Bookseller: "It was as if I was giving myself a gift when I wrote this book. I wish to hell that I had come to terms with my identity when I was boy. It would have made my life so much less complicated."

Jennifer Miller - Bildungsroman: "Be intrepid! Don't be shy about cold- calling sources or simply walking up to people you've never met but are eager to talk to."

Ashley Hope Perez - Crazy QuiltEdi: "Although I don't remember her name, I still remember the librarian from that time. She had strawberry blond hair, big squarish glasses (the kind that have just come back into fashion), and a quick smile. I see her through a kind of Lifetime movie flashback haze filter, but I'm pretty sure if I ever designed my own guardian angel, she would look like that."


Colleen thanks so much for putting this together again. I added several titles to my tbr.

I was luckliy enough to get Benjamin Alire Saenz and Tanita Davis responses on the same day. That was a very good inbox day.

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