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Trying to find my way into this next book is maddening on so many levels. All the research is here, all the ideas sorted, all the things I want to say are recorded. I know what I want it to be. But getting there - getting inside it - is driving me nearly insane. I would go nuts if it wasn't so familiar.

It's just never easy.

St Exupery is not in this book, or if he is it will only be a line or two. But I think about him disappearing a lot as the act of disappearance, of getting lost literally and metaphorically, is so much in this book, so much of the research I've done. I actually was looking for crash sites on some navigation charts the other day and found it amazing how many wrecks are found at all. I guess it's a miracle that we ever found evidence of St Ex; that his story ever had a definitive ending.

My son is reading The Little Prince graphic novels right now - seems appropriate on so very many levels. :)

[The commemorative plaque in the Pantheon in Paris: "To the memory of Antoine de Saint Exupery, poet, novelist, aviator, missing during an aerial reconnaissance mission, 31 July 1944".]


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