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This is my grandmother and grandfather when they were dating in 1935. (The little boy in front is my grandmother's youngest brother, Eddie.) My grandfather, Pete, was was nineteen here, and my grandmother, Catherine, was fifteen. They were married four years later.

What I love about this picture - one of the many things I love - is that it captures them in the beginning, when they were just deciding to be a couple, when he was as much a part of her family and friend to her brothers as he was significant to her. My grandfather's siblings were all so much older, (soon after he was born a couple of his brothers left to fight in WWI), that I think my grandmother's family was especially significant to him. Her older brothers were all around his age and they enjoyed each others' company from the start. My grandmother's family was one of those with whom everybody hung out - I think because there were so many of them (eight), they just always seemed to be having a party. It doesn't hurt that they had fun (the stories are legendary) or that they were all so beautiful. (My great uncles were gorgeous, period.) My grandfather fit perfectly - he could dance, play instruments, was a whiz at games and even used to hand carve airplanes while he and my grandmother were first spending time together. (They couldn't really date when she was fourteen... :)

So here they are - just getting started, just finding each other, just falling in love; Pete & Catherine when it all began.


Awww. You come by your romantic streak honestly - I can't imagine how amazing it would be having a "friend" hang around long enough to become a part of the family. And they were so cute - just hanging out.

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