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Attention holiday shoppers - if you want to laugh at the hilarity of extremely overpriced goods, then take a look at Jezebel's snarkalicious takedown of Anthropologie. I think the stores are beautiful - I've wandered through more than once - but lord, they charge a ton of money for really goofy things. (I read this piece right after paging past a $600 stuffed animal Piers Atkinson headband in a recent magazine. Three stuffed toys glued to a headband for $600. Wow.)

See "The Picture Letters" online exhibition of Beatrix Potter correspondence at New York's Morgan Library and Museum for some insight into how her creations came to life. (Holiday shopping alert - I strongly recommend the movie Miss Potter for fans. It's wonderful; she had a really amazing life.)

David Nicholls, screenwriter for the upcoming Great Expectations some things to say in the November British Vogue that give me great excitement for this film:

It is psychologically subtle and strange, and contains some of the most vivid characters in literature. It's a love story. Most of all, it's an intensely moving story; Joe Gargery's disastrous trip to London, Pip's final words to Magwitch, Miss Havisham's confession...These are wonderful emotional scenes. Dickens was writing with all his heart and at the peak of his powers. I hope we can do him justice.

Finally, all you Cyber Monday shoppers, don't forget the Ballou Library wishlist at Powells has been briefly reopened for the holidays, if you are so inclined. Happy Shopping!

[Post pic of Helena Bonham Carter from "Great Expectations".]


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