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So yesterday we finally got the tree off the wall and upright. Basically, it's so heavy it was bending the plastic tree stand. It's not a huge tree (7 feet) but apparently Colorado Spruce are the Hulk of the Christmas tree world. Who knew?

I'm writing three reviews for Booklist: The Forest House, Still Points North and Gaining Daylight: Life on Two Islands. I'm reading Economix, a killer gn for my January column. Everybody should read this book - it's smart and funny and I can't believe how much I'm learning. Expect to read lots of positive things about it from me.

I've got several reviews to finish this weekend for the graphic novel column: Johnny Hiro, Sumo, Escape to Gold Mountain and Darwin. I don't know how this column ended up being so nonfiction-y but it's made of awesome and I hope all of these books get more widely read.

I recently finished Gail Carriger's Timeless, the final entry in her Parasol Protectorate series. I really loved how this series started but the chemistry seemed off in this final entry - almost like Carriger was tired of Alexia and crew. I especially was disappointed by the diminished heat between Alexia and Conall - it's as if now that they were married and had a child, the relationship lost its romance. It still had some fun moments and I adored the twist for supporting character Biffy, but overall I think things ended with a whimper.

If you like your romance hot* and full of marvelous story, then I highly recommend the Tessa Dare Spindle Cove series - three books (starting with A Night to Surrender) in a somewhat traditional historical setting but full of chemistry and smartness and all sorts of unorthodox characters.

In other news, Jenny D. has received ARCs of her upcoming novel! Yea!!!

And, um, it looks like the second printing of my book is selling out. I'm sure the Air & Space review had something to do with that. Merry Christmas, indeed!

* Not hot in a Fifty-Shades-of-Grey-please-spank-me kind of way** but more than kisses and longing looks.
** Not that I'm judging the spank me crowd but, well. Enough said. Really.


Can you believe there's a waiting list for the first Spindle Cove at my library? But... kindle version is on sale for $2.99...

*inappropriate giggling*

As always, your and Gwenda's romance suggestions are my go-to books, in a totally hot but not spankin' hot kind of way...

I, too, was disappointed with the Protectorate series, in the end - it's a shame that the married bits are portrayed as boring. Why do all the characters work so hard toward that Happily Ever After when it obviously is as exciting as watching paint dry???? Some writer needs to get on that...

EVERYTHING is falling this year. Even the teensy tree isn't straight in its holder. I blame the Mayans...

congrats on the book sales!

And yes, Economix is fabulous--my 12 year old and I are reading it together and learning tons.

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