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Just when you thought the British couldn't top finding Richard III under a parking lot, they seem to have uncovered an actual knight!!!!

Archaeologists who were on hand during the construction of a new building in Edinburgh uncovered a carved sandstone slab, decorated with markers of nobility -- a Calvary cross and a sword. Nearby, the team found an adult skeleton, which is thought to have once occupied the grave. Scientists plan to analyze the bones and teeth to learn more about this possible knight or nobleman.

"We hope to find out more about the person buried in the tomb once we remove the headstone and get to the remains underneath, but our archaeologists have already dated the gravestone to the thirteenth century," Richard Lewis, a member of the City of Edinburgh Council, said in a statement.

And over in London, they are apparently overflowing with historical graves:

Seven centuries after their demise, the skeletons of 12 plague victims have been unearthed in the City of London, a find which archaeologists believe to be just the tip of a long-lost Black Death mass burial ground.

Arranged in careful rows, the bodies were discovered 2.5 metres below the ground in Charterhouse Square in works for a Crossrail tunnel shaft beside the future ticketing hall for Farringdon station.

Tests are needed to confirm the skeletons' provenance, but the discovery should shed more light on life and death in 14th-century Britain and help scientists to understand how the plague mutated.

While the first story made me think of Indiana Jones, the second has brought thoughts of Poltergeist to mind. I'm quite worried about some kind of mash-up happening in my brain at any moment. This does not make me happy.

*Title totally copped from Jenny D. whose link brought me to the Black Plague article. It was too good not to use here. :)


One of the utterly TRIPPY THINGS I discovered is that sometimes they just REBURY THESE THINGS. Storage is a SERIOUS problem, so they rebury, and put up a plaque... and there you have some knight in your back garden, and you can plant your peonies around him, so long as you don't dig him up.

Still life with skeletons.

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