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Several folks tweeted about this PW interview with novelist Lois Duncan and the upcoming reissue of her classic Debutante Hill. (I found the link from Leila, of course, as she is always on everything cool.)

Duncan's book is returning to the world via the efforts of Lizzie Skurnick and her imprint with IG Publishing. I am very impressed with the Fall 2013 List which includes reissues by Ernest Gaines, M.E. Kerr and Ellen Conford (that's the one I requested). I was even more delighted though to see that there is a reader subscription available that sounds like about the most fun kind of gift any teenage girl (or former teenage girl) could want.

(I realize that nostalgia is the big draw for many of these books and thus a lot of adults will be buying them but the stories are so good that I'm sure today's teens will find them very affecting as well.)

I will be including mention of the subscription service in my December column, (if this doesn't have holiday gift giving written all over it then I don't know what does), but couldn't sit on the news of it until then. Also, this was the perfect excuse to share the upcoming Spring 2014 list:

WRITTEN IN THE STARS, a collection of Lois Duncan's short stories; Ellen Conford's teenage psychic novel AND THIS IS LAURA; Sydney Taylor's MORE ALL-OF-A-KIND FAMILY and ALL-OF-A-KIND FAMILY UPTOWN; Norma Klein's DOMESTIC ARRANGEMENTS; Erich Kastner's LISA AND LOTTIE; and Brenda Wilkinson's LUDELL, the first of the LUDELL trilogy

(I'm trying really hard not to go all fifteen-year old screamy over this.)

Oh - and that book cover up top - the one for I'll Love You When You're More Like Me? Give that girl some longer redder hair and she is me circa summer 1983 (fourteen going on fifteen). I read a lot of M.E. Kerr back then; I needed her more than you can imagine.

Look at me - being all nostalgic. Surprise.


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