It’s really tough to stay focused for all of us right now. I’m spending a lot of time thinking about doomed explorers and trying to keep focused. Here’s a bit from my latest newsletter:

“A lovely surprise last month from Washington University in St. Louis. A year ago, in the midst of an exchange about some correspondence in the papers of physicist Arthur Compton, I asked about his cosmic ray logbooks from 1932. The archivist promised to take a look and see if there was anything tucked away within them that pertained to the Mt McKinley Cosmic Ray Expedition. She warned me it would take some time but I was happy for the chance at a discovery and last month she emailed on what she found. These included a few pages of financial notes about planned costs for the expedition which will be very helpful. (Not exciting information but answered several questions I have had.) Tucked in the pages there was also a letter from one of Allen Carpe’s closest friends, William Ladd, which included not only some very specific info but a closing paragraph that I think is quite poignant.”

Follow the link to see what I received.

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