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Chasing Ray Archives - Biography, Autobiography and Memoir

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Biography, Autobiography and Memoir

The book you write when you find out your great great grandmother is a ghost Feb 26
"An aristocratic family, a high-society scandal and an extraordinary legacy" Feb 23
The Secret Rooms Jan 22
Alan Cumming & the amazing "Not My Father's Son" Jan 20
Yep, I read that decluttering book & it has sort of changed my life (at least a little) Jan 19
"It has to start with the art" Dec 12
On Maira Kalman's Favorite Things Nov 23
Hiroshima in the Morning by Rahna Reiko Rizzuto Sep 01
"Be invested in the idea of ordinary life." Jul 07
"Canada brooded in the air and haunted me," Jack wrote. Jun 09
On the upcoming Sally Ride biography - it's excellent May 08
On words at a young age and John Muir May 06
Not knowing "where I was from" Apr 28
"In other words, Marie was not lauded. " Apr 14
Meeting Darwin's Ghosts Apr 01
What George Eliot said... Feb 26
Kevin Guilfoile on how nonfiction is permeated with all we do not know Dec 12
Handel in the food court. Really. Nov 19
Heather Lende reminds us sometimes the story is right in front of you Oct 14
The rawness of Lidia Yuknavich's writing Sep 09
She "wept at the keyboard almost every day of the writing." Sep 03
Marguerite Harrison, a true American original Jul 08
Why Dan Eldon's book wasn't considered publishable Jun 24
Canadian fisherman Jun 04
"On the sixth day, God created the only animal that commits suicide." Apr 22
What the land remembers, even when we willfully try to forget Mar 18
Considering Jemmy Button (& Andrea Barrett's thoughts on the subject) Mar 04
Everything I know about Emily Dickinson I Learned from Lyndall Gordon Mar 01
Stephanie LaCava's life told in extraordinary objects Dec 17
Kate Zambreno's Heroines: "I align myself with the genealogy of erased women." Nov 30
A nice immigration lesson from Libba Bray's THE DIVINERS Nov 08
On Glaciers, Trespasses and Half in Shade (but really all about family history) Aug 09
Unprepared for the wild Mar 23
Team Grace Coddington Mar 17
You probably have not heard of this book and you need to Nov 29
When all else fails, celebrate Nov 07
"It was as though Dan still lived through their pages." Oct 28
The men who get under our skin Oct 25
Magical Thinking, not exactly a breezy piece of work, "simply wrote itself," she says. "This did not write itself." Oct 19
One of the original cool chicks Oct 10
You bring your library to K2 just in case this happens Jun 06
The Rimbaud Convergence Jan 25
On the Merits of Hitting Like a Girl Jan 03
A Most Singular Hobby Nov 05
Miss Edith Jones, how did I miss you all these years? Aug 30
Science Hero Jul 01
Brave & bold literary ladies Jun 25
Questioning Claudette Feb 18
Please don't tell me this Jan 06
Must we keep going into that particular wild? Feb 23
Wilde and Shakespeare this spring Jan 12
11th Day Holiday Recs: Real lives told well Dec 11
The way Terese Svoboda's journey ended Sep 18
Terese Svoboda's search for truth Sep 10
A 21st century cowboy story Sep 04
The Life of a True Romantic Feb 22
Those intrepid ladies Feb 13
"She was in every respect a true pioneer... Nov 26
Lady Florence Baker Nov 12
"the first significant protest in words and music, the first unmuted cry against racism." Aug 19
More on Serious Reading Jun 10
Incognito Street Sep 12
Lives of the Muses Mar 24
Questions on Writing Feb 19
Bill De Kooning Dec 29