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Literary News

"Gender specific books demean all children" Mar 20
Winning ALA Feb 01
"The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" Jan 26
A hard cold financial reason why authors should support indy bookstores Dec 09
Calling "bullshit" when you see it Oct 17
Am I the only one noticing that carnivals are trending? Jul 25
Amanda Hocking related questions Mar 24
Someone needs to explain the state of the literary world to me Mar 02
“Someone spent my marketing budget on cake and whores.” Jan 27
The more things change..... Aug 18
David Markson Jun 08
Demand Diversity in Publishing Jan 04
About the stupidest thing I've seen all year and that's really saying something Dec 15
So who steps up to the plate? Dec 14
And the world just keeps on spinning Nov 30
Draw me a life Nov 02
FTC question Oct 18
Into the brink so to speak Oct 15
A request for response from the publishing industry Oct 06
Dear FTC, here's how it is out in the real world Oct 06
We've got a whole lot of crazy going on Oct 01
Dear Wall Street Journal, let me tell you a story... Sep 28
What do you want from us? Sep 15
A bow to a previous time... Jul 30
The best they could do... Jul 03
An Anne Frank Denier...... Jun 10
Of maps and 12 year old boys Apr 16
That wasn't my point at all Nov 15
Winter Blog Blast Tour & Holiday Recs Announcement Nov 13
The only thing in this post to do with Kidlit is the cast of characters... Sep 29
David Foster Wallace Sep 15
On teens and reading Aug 23
But she says being a model is the best we can do...... Aug 16
It's not about the book Jun 22
Teen boys need to save the girl, period Jun 16
Oh, ick Jun 12
Ms Diski is traveling Jun 05
Two stories of note May 02
How to write an honest memoir Mar 05
Hmmmm Feb 22
An author of significance Feb 20
In which some serious subjects are discussed Nov 26
So what are you going to do about it? Nov 21
Shining a light........ Sep 08
The Fate of a Really Good Writer May 29
Frankenstein was too profound to have been created by an "ill-educated 19-year-old whose later writings were just ordinary". Apr 01
I've always been a fan of Hatchet Mar 23
It's just all about the damn story and not the damn genre Mar 14
Considering the Artsy Feb 22
So Now We Want More Normal In Fantasy? Feb 14
Maureen Dowd has jumped the shark, John Freeman is revealing a bit too much and comic book bloggers have their own reviewing issues Feb 10
This one is hard to take......... Jan 31
Get Your YA Brouhaha updates here Jan 30
A Word on Awards Jan 24
Booklist has the Best Awards Jan 23
Was Vollmann Too Critical? Jan 18
History Repeats or is Lost Forever Jan 17
Vollman, Swofford and Cherie Priest Jan 14
Terrorism okay, but no healthy teen sex Dec 29
Alison Gopnik and Etcetera Dec 25
Comics and Dogs and Scarlett, Oh My Nov 29
Get Your Girl Comics Here Nov 29
Cecil Castellucci, My New Writing Hero Nov 25
The "Nobody Made Me Write This" Edition Nov 14
Weekend Catch-up Nov 05
Conflicted Over the National Book Awards Oct 15
Let Me See Your Bookshelves Oct 11
History Never Forgets Oct 05
John Green and the Power of YA Books Oct 02
Mary Shelley, Jane Austen and Can I Just Like You Cause I Like You? Sep 17
Germaine Greer, Steve Irwin, Chip Kidd and Thomas Mallon Sep 06
Forgive Me If I'm Not Impressed Sep 05
What I Learned Labor Day Weekend 2006 Sep 03
Trying To Be A Sci Fi Fan Sep 02
Oh Please... Aug 26
I Have No Idea Why This Bothers Me, But.... Aug 17
I Am Still So Not Getting This Aug 02
It's All About the Love, Baby Aug 01
The WSJ Story Gets Even Worse.... Jul 28
When Did Reading Become Another Assignment? Jul 27
Why Harry Potter Must Live Jun 28
Many Bookish Topics Jun 05
Blogger, Reviewer, Writer May 21
Does Reviewing Matter? May 18
The $500,000 Question Apr 24
More on Naomi Wolf Apr 12
Back Off Betty Apr 04
When People Go Away Mar 20
Naomi Wolfe Has More to Say Mar 16
Naomi Wolf Needs a Life Mar 12
All Hail Sherman Alexie Jan 25
Choose Your Memoirs Wisely Jan 10
Seussical Oct 07