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Mutiple Bookish topics

State of Affairs on September 15th. Sep 15
"...a guttural scream..." Mar 10
At the Closing of the Year: Considering 2013 Dec 31
Let's stuff some stockings Dec 09
Dancing Around the Edges Nov 04
From the glossy pages Oct 03
Coming at you live from Deadline Central Sep 06
Stacks of books to read & review & articles to write & essays & SO MUCH MORE Aug 26
The nature of home, the Boxer Rebellion, evil obsessive egg collectors & more Jul 17
Lightening the load Jun 13
Mark Slouka gives new definition to heartbreak & more Jun 05
On flying dreams and more... May 13
Mermaids, mountain naming, bright lights/big cities, Kiki & more Apr 17
Some Plath, some Flynn, some pink saris, and a scientist lost on Denali Apr 10
Thinking about summer, old issues of National Geographic and Emily Dickinson. Apr 03
"I Will Not Leave" Apr 02
In which things are not as I thought they were. Mar 25
It's 1927 and I'm trying to describe a mountain range Mar 14
Round-Up Mar 11
Reading/Writing Roundup of Darwin, Barrett, Cook & the Jonathan Livingston Seagull news Feb 25
I'm reading about Emily Dickinson, tiger babies and war. It all makes sense, I swear. Feb 13
A bazillion books I saw last weekend & want you to know about Feb 01
Because birds need books too Jan 15
Reading around the edges in January Jan 09
Read this, reviewed that and the Christmas tree kinda fell. MORE THAN ONCE. Dec 20
Not quite tiger tiger burning bright.... Nov 26
A literary trip to Deyrolle's and the catacombs Nov 19
Some Sebald, Science, Bombers and more..... Nov 12
In the footsteps of Helen Mirren & more Oct 29
Readerly state of affairs Sep 26
An erotica author's thoughts, this month's Bookslut & why Amazon reviews can not be trusted Sep 12
Edith Wharton to Tevi Gevinson - it's a roundup post Aug 16
Bohemians, steampunk, ocean residents & MORE Jul 26
On mountains and space and my NPR moment May 22
An Innocent Man May 16
On cod and bees (and those who love them) May 03
What would Hemingway do without a newspaper to work for? May 01
Diane Wynne Jones, Kate Milford, Mary Shelley, Ada Lovelace & MORE Apr 17
Juneau, rocket engines, big snakes and Ms. Gwenda Bond presents... Mar 30
Anything - anything at all with Judi Dench is wonderful Mar 07
"...a fitting metaphor for the first decades of the 20th century, during which old scientific, religious, political, and social certainties were shattered." Feb 20
If you want an obsession, I'd say Writers' Houses is one to pick Feb 10
Sherman Alexie says it's okay to love Island of the Blue Dolphins Feb 03
Ms Bond has a story about a famous Lost Colony getting lost all over again... Jan 31
It's a catch-up post starring Dodie Smith Jan 24
Seen, Heard, Passed Along: Mary McCarthy in pastel Jan 11
Post holiday wrap-up Jan 02
Living in a northern town Dec 20
"...scrapbook pages filled with items like magazine ads, candy bar wrappers, college pennants, dried flowers, and many other artifacts of 1920s pop culture." Dec 13
Listiness rules the day Dec 08
A bit of a round-up Dec 05
Quick thoughts Nov 30
Window shopping Nov 25
On men and boats Nov 21
A YA rec, some recent reads and GK Chesteron is lovely Oct 03
A Status Update Aug 29
Not about Caitlin Kiernan or Marcus Sedgwick or Wendell Berry although it should be Aug 19
"I am my hair". Oh dear lord Aug 03
Curley haired girls Jul 18
Mountain climbing at my dining room table Jun 22
Reading Catch-up Jun 14
Very cool titles on the horizon Jun 13
Summer needs to start now, please May 31
Seen, heard, passed along: Iris Chang & more edition May 27
Here comes the rain... May 16
Saw it, heard about it, want it (and you will too!) May 11
Seen, Heard, Passed Along & Yes, There's More About the Book Fair May 04
Weather report Apr 17
Leaving on a jet plane.... Apr 08
The world keeps on spinning Mar 29
From the edges of madness, seek words to bring you peace Mar 16
Dazzle me with books and ideas Mar 14
The most important bit is that Carrie Vaughn's latest is a blast Mar 10
In which many bookish wonders are considered Mar 07
From steampunk Boston to comic book poems to Nelson Mandela. Really Feb 22
Football, Cinderella, Ms Bond Impresses and Bookslut (of course) Feb 10
Seen Heard & Passed Along: The End of the World As We Know It (+ Desk Porn) Edition Feb 08
The current literary preoccupations Jan 24
Seen, Heard, Passed Along: Cute Puppy & More Edition Jan 10
Seen, Heard & Passed Along: Hawaiian Window Dressing Edition Jan 04
The Literary Loot (so to speak) Dec 27
A Year in Reading Dec 21
Seen, Heard & Passed Along: Contains a Terrifying BACA Alert Dec 01
Seen, Heard & Passed Along: Thoughts on Terror & Beauty Nov 22
Would You Buy a Ghost Town? (Or "what is steampunk & does it matter if I don't care?") Nov 01
Seen, Heard & Passed Along: Cleaning Off the Desk Edition Oct 28
Seen, Heard & Passed Along: Rubber ducks are freaking me out edition Oct 18
On the imminent horizon Oct 15
The back home and seriously tired but still blogging edition Oct 12
What Sara Zarr knows, honors in cold places and more Oct 01
On Bras and Boys and Update on the Great Lit Journal Adventure Sep 29
My mind is a total blank tonight Sep 24
Seen, Heard & Passed Along: Teens Change the World Edition Sep 20
Seen, Heard & Passed Along: Living Like Cecil Beaton Edition Sep 07
The lit journal saga continues & a schizophrenic reading update Sep 03
Seen, Heard and Passed Along: The Weather is Turning Edition Aug 31
Seen, Heard & Passed Along: It's a brave new world edition Aug 26
Seen, Heard & Passed Along: Still Playing Catch-up Edition Aug 17
Seen, Heard & Passed Along: Your Ken Can Kiss My Barbie Edition Aug 12
Big bookish update Aug 02
Report from the wild north Jul 20
Seen, Heard, Passed Along: Rock & Roll & Princess Edition Jun 29
Beautiful and unexpected Jun 21
Seen, Heard, Passed Along: Southern Living Edition Jun 14
Seen, Heard & Passed Along: Fighting the Good Fight Edition Jun 08
Seen, Heard & Passed Along: Lewis & Scarlett Edition May 26
Currently Reading: Susan Glaspell envy edition May 07
Recent Reads: Coolest Phantom comic ever edition May 04
Derby girls Apr 27
What you missed, what I'm planning Apr 26
Seen, heard & passed along: I wanna be Amanda Palmer edition Apr 21
Seen, heard and passed along: Pretty, pretty edition Apr 19
Seen, Heard and Passed Along: Maps & Wildlife Edition Apr 12
Seen, heard and passed along: The Buy a Kid a Book Edition Apr 09
Seen, heard, passed along: The Roger Ebert Smackdown edition Mar 31
Odds and ends of life Mar 29
Two books, two events, and let's love Ruby Booker Mar 26
Seen, heard and passed along: the somewhat British edition Mar 15
A castle, some spies, silence, Margaret Fox, more mountaineers and Burma Mar 03
Seen, heard & passed along: The Ryan Miller is my hero edition Mar 02
Seen, read, passed along: head thunking edition Feb 19
Seen, heard, passed along Feb 16
Seen, heard, passed along Feb 11
Recent reads & book news Feb 09
Round-up Feb 01
Odds/Ends Jan 27
Upcoming books of note Jan 20
From not writing about Lawrence to the struggle in "coal country" Jan 08
Round-Up & Books on the horizon Jan 05
The literary haul Dec 29
Round-Up Dec 17
The "things I've read that you might like to read" round-up Dec 03
Keeping the plates in the air Nov 23
Quick links Nov 10
Round-Up Nov 06
Books on the horizon Oct 28
Round-up Oct 20
A reviewing round-up Oct 13
Books on the horizon Oct 12
What I'm reading now Sep 25
From electricity to Mary Anning Sep 14
Round-up Sep 08
In which I recommend some books I have not read Aug 24
Recent Reads Aug 17
My Hemingway attraction, postmodernism not so scary, an artist you need to know about and more Jul 27
What She Said.... Jul 20
Round-up Jul 16
Recent reads - hockey, road tripping, falconry, Frida and a teen fashion magazine Jul 15
News and reviews Jul 07
Recent reads & Updates Jul 01
My childhood, SE Asia One Shot request and working with your hands gets you a job Jun 26
Peering over the fence Jun 23
A Fantasy-oriented W.P.A. project Jun 19
Observatory Mansions Jun 15
Round-up Jun 09
Girls, Boys, Books and Writing Jun 02
Books on the horizon May 29
Round-Up May 06
Sedia's advice and notes on recent reads May 01
Books on the horizon Apr 27
Reading report Apr 23
Round-Up Apr 20
On the table.... Apr 14
The mid-vacation update Apr 06
Observations from the road Mar 31
Round-Up Mar 26
Round Up Mar 18
On book shopping and book stores Mar 12
So many destinations Feb 26
Books on the horizon Feb 25
The ever popular waiting game (among many other things) Feb 18
Round-up Feb 12
Round Up Feb 03
Books on the horizon Jan 27
Literary geographies of war and natural disaster Jan 23
The post Inaugural edition Jan 22
With thanks to Ms. Presley among many other subjects Jan 13
Tuesday Round-Up Jan 06
Monsters and poetry (and Thoreau) Jan 05
At the closing of the year.... Dec 31
The "Baby it's cold outside" edition Dec 18
Positively massive round-up and look at books down the line Dec 16
Tired, tired, tired Dec 05
Round-Up Nov 23
Cherie Priest's Fathom, running with wolves (but real this time) and a plea to the masses for literary assistance Nov 11
Bookslut and Booklist make recommendations Nov 10
Murder in Armstrong Dome, 2nd printing for NOLA, more adventures in the cold, etc. Nov 06
Small towns, a coyote's story, Congo's sorrow, Simmone Howell gets religion and more Oct 29
Light Reading Oct 20
Climate notes from a polar explorer, World War II in graphic novel form and observing the human condition Oct 15
Minx, The Great Gatsby, Kelly Link, Sarah Vowell, Samira Bellil and Newbery issues Oct 07
Books on the horizon Sep 15
The whole wide world, plus Haven Kimmel Sep 03
The "Where did my summer go?" edition Sep 02
Round-Up via the Mayflower Aug 27
Southern vamp lovers, a duchess, a poet and more Aug 25
It's a Monday..... Aug 25
Monday, Monday Aug 18
Coming around again........ Aug 12
Round-Up Aug 07
Still running and something for the Amelia Peabody fans Jul 30
ARCs and soapboxes Jul 25
Itchy, twitchy days of summer Jul 17
What I'm reading, reviewing, and looking forward to Jul 16
Of werewolves and running and ladies on bikes (and Catherynne Valente and Theodora Goss....) Jul 09
Round-Up (And yes, I am a bookslut) Jul 02
Round-Up Jun 22
The world we live in today (among other topics) Jun 16
Round-Up Jun 10
The creativity of Louis Armstrong & Joyce Carol Oates Jun 03
Reflecting on books we looked forward to May 30
Round-Up May 29
On so many small things...... May 14
Reading Round-up May 13
Notes........ May 07
Recent Reads Apr 28
Round-Up Apr 24
Cool books on the horizon Apr 15
Round-Up Apr 10
Some books for you...... Apr 02
Pioneers, Astronomers and Crimesolvers.... Mar 28
Round-up Mar 24
Recent Reads Mar 14
Round-Up Mar 12
Books on the horizon Mar 10
Round-up Feb 28
North and South, Gwenda is a tease and Jenny D!!!!!! Feb 21
An Alaska Mountain, Maine Island and Japanese dog Feb 18
Round-Up with Charles Darwin, Daniel Boone, vampires and rescue dogs Feb 12
Round-Up Feb 06
The snake lady, Virginia Woolf and rebuilding a truck... Jan 17
Books I'm looking forward to - UPDATED!!! Jan 15
Round-Up Jan 07
Why I'll never read The Thorn Birds again and other bookish thoughts Dec 16
On John Wayne, Vogue and all the reasons why I only read what I want Nov 28
Notes of a historical nature Nov 28
On saluting Sam Elliott and saving Kevin Bacon (among other things) Nov 15
Post Blog Tour Round-Up (Kipling, Moby, Reverte, Hill, Chang and Where You Can Hang a Flag) Nov 11
For curious minds Oct 25
The Autumn is here round-up Oct 21
Heading Home Round-up Oct 08
"Autumn is Upon Us" Roundup Sep 14
Many Cool Things to Mention Sep 09
Post Holiday Round-Up Sep 03
From the depths below and other literary news Aug 15
Round-Up Aug 06
"Is that why I've got an army of the undead playing Pride and Prejudice around my ankles?" Jul 17
"...he weaves the real, the surreal, and the folkloristic in wonderful ways." Jul 11
Post Holiday Notes Jul 05
Much Reading to Report On........ Jul 02
Report From the Wilderness Jun 27
Round-Up Jun 26
Books on the Horizon Jun 25
Round Up Jun 13
Reading Round-Up Jun 07
Back into the blogging swing...... May 28
Books of Note May 16
Contemplating Paperbacks and Comic Books May 16
Catch-Up Edition May 13
Round-Up May 03
Books on the Horizon Apr 30
Round Up Apr 19
Round Up Apr 12
Round - Up Apr 06
Poppy, Caitlin, Lucius, David Griffth and Make Art (Not War) Mar 26
Leaps of Faith, Hip-Hop Nation, Mendelsohn Likes Graphic Novels Mar 22
Jenny D., Cory Doctorow Writes YA, Zombie Teddy Bears & More Mar 19
Round-Up & More on the Genre Wars Mar 15
Some book teasers Mar 13
Round-Up Mar 09
All Nonfiction for March Mar 06
Comics, Censors, Soldiers & Archimedes Mar 01
Round-Up Feb 25
Recent Reads & Books to Look Out For Feb 20
Round-Up Feb 18
Round-Up Feb 14
Round-Up Feb 07
Round-Up Feb 04
Round-Up Jan 30
Weekend Round-up Jan 21
Bookish News Jan 19
Round-Up Jan 11
Round-Up Jan 03
Books Read Recently Jan 03
Kiernan, Thomas and Who Do You Think is Underrated? Dec 19
Back from the Weekend Dec 19
Links Dec 15
Playing Catch-up Dec 11
Links Dec 03
A Long Day's Journey Nov 15
Just a quick word...... Nov 07
Poppy, Lorelai and Being A Good American Nov 06
What I'm Reading Now Nov 02
Weekend Catch-up Oct 22
Tuesday Catch-Up Oct 17
Catch-Up Edition Oct 04
Poppy, Edwidge and we should be better than this Sep 25
Shakespeare, Hatshepsut and more Sep 24
Follow-Ups Sep 23
Links and Thoughts Sep 19
Poppas, Salt Marshes, Libraries and Endymion Spring Sep 18
Padura, Glass Houses and Feminist History Sep 13
Holiday Weekend Reading Pt 1 Sep 04
Spreading the Soho Love Aug 31
Finally! Aug 28
Weekend Reading Aug 28
News and Notes Aug 25
Weekend Update Aug 20
Sing Me a Song Dave Matthews Aug 18
Notes From Tuesday Aug 15
Weekend Reading Aug 06
Weekend Reading Jul 30
Newsy Post Jul 24
Odds, Ends and the Puppy is KILLING ME!!! Jul 18
Weekend Book Update Jul 16
Books Read Jul 09
Back From Radio Silence Jun 19
Weekend Reading Jun 11
Catching Up May 24
Catch-Up May 16
Gavin Grant & Firebirds May 08
Weekend Book Review May 07
Columns May 05
Friday Notes Apr 14
Catch-Up Apr 13
Fantasic Literature Apr 02
Cleaning Feb 14
Many Books Feb 12
Notes Jan 30
Iris Chang Dec 20
Back Dec 18
Oh Canada...literary Canada anyway Nov 28
Westerns that Rock Nov 27
Telling the World Nov 21
Rebecca West and Miscellaney Nov 20
Rocket Science & Mermaids Nov 16
Many Little Things Nov 10
All About Me.... Nov 07
Dinosaurs and More Oct 31
Paul Collins & Caitlin Kiernan Oct 30
Thickening Plots Oct 26
Vampires, Jesuits and A Mighty Big Wind Oct 25
Like A Hurricane Oct 22
Iris Chang, Peter Beard and Resolutions Oct 17
Reading, Writing and a Hot Wheels Birthday Party Oct 15
Diane Ackerman & Leonardo da Vinci Oct 13
Canned Coffee & Harry Potter Oct 11
A Peek Inside Her Head... Oct 09
Books I Never Read Oct 06
Understanding the Evil Empire Oct 03