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Chasing Ray Archives - Natural History/Nature Books & Reviews

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Natural History/Nature Books & Reviews

The Giant Squid, its first photographer & a writer's obsession Jul 28
"He wanted her not to be known as 'the Mary Anning of legend, something of a village blue-stocking,'..."' Apr 25
With "natural treasure map" in hand... Jan 20
Vanishing Ice in art Nov 13
Report from the "birding beat" Aug 19
Canadian fisherman Jun 04
"If you ever see a girl with eyes the color of a swordfish you'll leave whoever you're with for her immediately." Oct 09
Sweet Jesus: "The Fracking of Rachel Carson" Sep 18
A brilliant young woman born before her time Aug 14
What Tim Flannery seeks... Aug 07
When you hear "Alcatraz" do you think of pelicans? May 09
BIRDS! (But not in a Tippi Hedren kind of way) Sep 14
"Women's Work" Apr 28
Chris McCandless, nature writer? Nov 12
You have to recognize nature in order to see it Sep 10
The ultimate animal encyclopedia Sep 07
The naming of things Apr 17
A Crash of Rhinos Jan 31
Of pigeons and pilots Jan 30
Swimming in the sun Oct 19
"...Silent Spring poses leading questions, on which neither the author nor the average reader is qualified to make decisions. I regard it as science fiction, to be read in the same way the TV show The Twilight Zone is watched." Jul 30
The Making of a Naturalist Oct 01
Charles Darwin, Maria Sibylla Merian and the Making of a Naturalist Sep 14
My Family and Other Animals Mar 27
William T. Hornaday & The Future of the Wild Oct 14