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Recommendations From Under the Radar

"These are the damned circles Dante trod..." Aug 30
"It is also the story of his famous father, Rudyard Kipling, and why he urged his son to go off to war, and how much he suffered because of his naive ideas about glory." Aug 30
"And he said: History is an angel...Being blown backwards into the future..." Aug 30
"Do any of us truly know everything that’s going on under our own roof, let alone next door?" Aug 29
"My name is Beckett, and this is not a dream." Aug 29
"To bleed without a's very chilling." Aug 29
"Best of all, and this is what really sets Inas apart for me, she's a bull-vaulter. She goes into a ring with bulls, allows them to toss her into the air, and performs acrobatic stunts on their backs as they flip her. You got that? Bull. Vaulter." Aug 28
"I'm sixteen years old. It's been five years. My name is Dorothy." Aug 27
"WE might be be grossed out to eat raw horsemeat, warmed and tenderized by the sweat of our horses, from beneath our saddles -- as our hero does. But when he does it, it's just another day on the steppes." Aug 27
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