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Summer 2012 Blog Blast Tour Master Schedule Jun 15
Timothy Decker Interview: "The illustrations are so specific that you can, if you want to, use the silhouette images from the trial portion of the book and match them to the British soldiers in the massacre scenes." Jun 12
Kate Milford Interview: "You can still have that liminality, that sense of crossing a boundary, within a city. I guess that's probably what got me thinking about the Brooklyn Bridge as part of a crossroads." Jun 11
SBBT Interviews for Friday!! Jul 15
Thursday at the Blog Blast Tour Jul 14
SBBT interview in which Sarah Stevenson & I discuss reading as a mixed race teen, the guilty pleasure of Sweet Valley High & if it's wrong for teens to be both capitalists & idealists Jul 13
SBBT Interview wherein Sean Beaudoin & I have an imaginary affair, mutually crush on His Girl Friday and declare noir the coolest thing ever Jul 12
SBBT Interview: "Donald Trump's father bought the land that Steeplechase Park stood on and threw a 'Demolition Party' where guests were invited to throw bricks at the amusements in order to destroy the before the park could be landmarked." Jul 11
2011 Summer Blog Blast Tour Master Schedule Jul 10
Wherein some Alt Hist/Steampunk recommendations are made Dec 16
Hot & sexy steampunk is not an oxymoron Dec 15
WBBT Day 5: "Our best hope appears to be building a learning machine and then teaching everything you want it to know." Dec 10
WBBT Links for Thursday: "Would we keep looking for the Kraken if there weren’t so many stories about it? " Dec 09
WBBT Interview: "Do justice to the victims and tell the whole story, no matter how troubling or painful." Dec 08
WBBT Day #2 & general other what I'm doing-ness Dec 07
WBBT INTERVIEW: "I vividly recall being 16 or 17, sitting with my friends and talking about how it did seem possible that one might, under the right circumstances, find that door into Narnia or Oz or wherever." Dec 06
2010 Winter Blog Blast Tour Schedule Dec 03
SBBT INTERVIEW: The play starts with this line: Death ends a life, but it doesn’t end a relationship.” May 21
"We might not think Grand Theft Auto is civilized, but damn, its compelling. " May 21
"What do you do if this person never lays a hand on you, but you know in your gut that something is deeply wrong?" May 20
SBBT INTERVIEW: "Moses may have brought us 10 Commandments, but he didn't give us 50 states" May 19
You read it and think, “Holy C^%^&p! This is SHANNON HALE! If she can’t make a go of it, how the heck am *I* going to survive?” May 19
"Luckily it’s not illegal, expensive or dangerous" May 18
SBBT INTERVIEW: "You come to know the road that you selected at the cost of the other three." May 17
"Oh no. Oh man. I knew it. I never should have built a robot for the science fair." May 17
Summer Blog Blast Tour 2010 Master Schedule May 14
"My internal editor is a cranky old Catholic nun. SO not helpful." Nov 20
"Perhaps", she suggested (and people think I have made this up but I swear it is the truth) "you could learn to be a trucker." Nov 19
WBBT Day #4: "Eating was his performance art." Nov 19
"We need more friends, more loud mouths who advocate for quality Native voices and visions and well-executed cross-cultural additions to the body of youth literature." Nov 18
WBBT Day #3: Science and story tell us mirroring truths; listen to both." Nov 18
"There was something about the moment when Gilda, played by the fabulous Rita Hayworth, first appears on screen that stopped me in my tracks..." Nov 17
WBBT Day #2: "people move. borders move. mountains endure. for a while, anyway." Nov 17
"Do you have any idea how HARD it is to write a sequel? Any? Really? I would tell you, but if I think too much about it, I have to go lie down." Nov 16
WBBT Day #1: "So the notion that heroes are defined by the strength of their opposition couldn't be more true in this case...." Nov 16
2009 Winter Blog Blast Tour Schedule Nov 13
Winter Blog Blast Tour update Nov 11
Jenny Davidson Interview: "...I love research – I suck up books and facts and that process is a big part of what stimulates my imagination. " May 22
SBBT 09 Day 5:"The zombie haiku from Billy Collins actually arrived by mail, and when I opened the letter I almost cried. " May 22
SBBT 09 Day 4: "So I realized writing a picture book would be wonderful and worked very hard on that for a number of years - and truly sucked at it." May 21
SBBT 09 Day 3:"The first chapter of A Swiftly Tilting Planet does it all: the Murray family contentedly enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner, which is interrupted when they find out that the world is about to end in a nuclear war. " May 20
Melissa Wyatt Int: "At a time when we are regularly discussing the importance of teen readers “seeing themselves” represented in their literature, you have to wonder what the shop kids and retail workers think of being left out of the conversati May 20
SBBT 09 Day 2: "Superpowers scare me. " May 19
SBBT 09 Day 1: "I also learned that a lot of people come to the door naked and occasionally you will meet a psycho killer." May 18
Andrew Mueller Interview: "This is the great unsayable, I suspect - that we have wars because people like them, on the grounds that war makes people feel important and useful." May 18
Summer Blog Blast Tour 2009 Schedule May 16
WBBT Day 5: "The book, while not a fantasy, is sort of fantastical, if that makes any sense. And any book that sends me to Hershey Park in the name of research is one worth writing!" Nov 21
Mayra Lazara Dole Interview: "As a teen, I was a gay club kid. I, and my gay male best friend who posed as my boyfriend, won every gay dance contest in straight clubs." Nov 21
WBBT Day 4: "I didn’t wreck a minivan, and I did not break into Sea World. I don’t think I’ll say anything more about the research I did do until the statute of limitations is up." Nov 20
Martin Millar Interview: "Many of the things the unfortunate young werewolf suffers from have been taken from my real-life experiences." Nov 20
WBBT Day 3: "The 1940s appears to be the only five-year decade in American history. The war ends, and boom -- now it's the Fifties. At least according to most history books." Nov 19
WBBT Day 2: "I think the Half-Continent is my desire to live in a world with a little more lyric in it, where even the most hardened soul still speaks and lives with a lilt of poetry and song in them." Nov 18
Ellen Datlow Interview: "We began our adult fairy tale series with the intention of redressing the trend of Disneyfying fairy tales." Nov 18
WBBT Day 1: "Mordred was the most Hamlet-like of Arthur's family, I suppose. I hated him quite vehemently at first, and, like Guinevere, was eventually seduced." Nov 17
Lewis Buzbee Interview: "But most mysteries, that is, life’s mysteries, don’t have solutions, they only deepen and expand. " Nov 17
2008 Winter Blog Blast Tour Schedule Nov 14
Not the way we do things Jun 06
The only logical way to go May 23
"I tried to hang around with early teen girls which is hard because I'm 58 and it's sort of inappropriate." May 23
"There was something so potentially cool about the idea – a year in a high school! " May 22
"The truth is, Madonna had just entered the world of picture books, and I didn't want to get any of the Superstar backlash that she got. " May 22
"Like mortal New York, fairy New York is built on layers of history." May 21
"Unless a story has real meaning, I tend to think, what’s the point?" May 21
"The real point, though, is that all the facts about any event are never going to be known, and this presents a particular problem for visual media like comics." May 20
"If the reenactment involves actual actors from the film, then I would definitely pick the love montage from crazy/beautiful so I could have some intimate time with Jay Hernandez." May 20
"Children accept stories in all kinds of forms, often in forms that might be seen by adults as too difficult, too whacky, too strange." May 19
2008 Summer Blog Blast Tour Schedule May 14
Final Winter Blog Blast Tour Entry Nov 09
"The part of the book that grabs their attention is the same part that seems to grab adults: the Garbage Patch." Nov 09
"Unlike Hamlet, Horatio is practical and down-to-earth. He’s so down-to-earth that Hamlet even gives him crap for it..." Nov 08
"It is about imagination, and it is about helping outsiders in a way that is complimentary to their uniqueness." Nov 08
"Oh, God, no, I never thought I'd be anybody. I was just hoping to have a good job. " Nov 07
"I think stories are about the human experience of the world, and happily ever after isn't the experience a lot of people have of it. " Nov 07
Politically, I want all those folks, Indian and not, who celebrate me to realize that they are also celebrating the fact that I left the rez. All of my books and movies exist because I left." Nov 07
"She stayed with me through the years, as I always wished I could give her a better story, a better ending." Nov 06
"Stinky came together as a combination of my love of metafictional writers like Cervantes and Borges and Barth and Pynchon and my experience of seeing kids crack up when they found obvious mistakes." Nov 06
"...I think creating this book was almost an answer to my child-self, distant in time but still wondering about Laika’s fate" Nov 05
"I have been working on a Victorian Gothic; I am working on a Victorian Gothic; I shall be working on a Victorian Gothic…" Nov 04
2007 Winter Blog Blast Tour Schedule Nov 01
Questions that must be asked Nov 01
In Search of the Serious Oct 24
SBBT Logistics Jun 23
"I’m rewriting history. I’m not sugar-coating it, but I am giving it a more fulfilling ending." Jun 23
A moment for reflection Jun 23
"Actually, I set out to write a story about the dangers of conformity and the importance of thinking for one’s self. " Jun 22
"I was gobsmacked when Ironside turned up on the bestseller list." Jun 22
"With Fate my original intention was to write a novel, but somehow I ended up drawing all over it." Jun 21
"I get a lot of ideas, but most of them are crap." Jun 21
" You can’t ban a book that never makes it into a library. " Jun 19
"...this is my most 'heinleinian' story." Jun 19
"People in America were always getting into knife fights or carrying baby raccoons around in their pockets." Jun 18
"The names Hagrid and Dumbledore are just as strange as Seikei and Ooka." Jun 18
“There is nothing like a book whose time has come.� Jun 18
"In my personal experience, I've found comics to be a "gateway drug" of sorts to the wider world of reading." Jun 17
2007 Summer Blog Blast Tour schedule Jun 14