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Chasing Ray Archives - Sci Fi/Fantasy Commentary & Review

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Sci Fi/Fantasy Commentary & Review

The Eterna Files Feb 23
Round-up of recent reads Dec 15
Forsaken by Kelley Armstrong (an "Otherworld" novella) Oct 27
Lizzie Borden, kick ass monster killer Oct 13
Longmire + some Charles de Lint-like fantasy = Deborah Coates' "Strange Country" Jul 21
"The House That Ate the World" (which is not the name of a short story) May 21
Because dreaming of Mars is the best kind of dream Mar 13
New Column with Christopher Barzak & the best father ever Feb 05
Christopher Barzak's Mad Tea Party Jan 11
The Last Kage Baker: On Land and At Sea Nov 14
Tim Powers & Kelly Armstrong Oct 23
Kate Milford Interview: "You can still have that liminality, that sense of crossing a boundary, within a city. I guess that's probably what got me thinking about the Brooklyn Bridge as part of a crossroads." Jun 11
On why The Book of Blood & Shadow is not The Da Vinci Code for teens May 21
Yearning to be a bold girl - an appreciation of Fire & Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones Apr 12
On Caitlin Kiernan's warning of that which dwells down in the dark Jan 10
Jingle bells and werewolves (totally) Nov 14
On voyages to distant and exotic lands Nov 11
Creepy doll automatons = steampunk goodness Oct 14
A return for a most stylish vampire Oct 11
Color me happy - new Matt Ruff on the horizon Sep 01
Harry Dresden gets to the bottom of the curse against the Chicago Cubs Aug 10
Bordertown And Me Mar 17
Lovecraft, the Thorn Land, a dirigible, a lost boy, monsters, insanity, romance & MORE Mar 04
Ekaterina Sedia goes out to sea and takes us with her Feb 14
Adjust Those Goggles, Fire Up Those Steam Engines & Take A Look Back At What Might Have Been.... Dec 17
Why I dream of an alt-history title starring Benedict Arnold Dec 16
When All Else Fails, Read a Good Book Nov 03
For October reading, look no further than Kelly Link & Liz Hand Oct 25
Sometimes the sad stories are the truly frightening ones Sep 09
October column musings Aug 24
Light Reading - Grownup Style Aug 20
Making the cover for the first time Jun 28
A ripping good read Jun 03
Doctorow was a miss for me this time May 10
And again with the fabulous Alexia Tarabotti Apr 05
Taking that "fairy tale for adults" idea and running with it Feb 25
Really rather fabulous Feb 15
Women and gods - and a whole lot of spy stuff Oct 22
Melancholy ghosts Oct 19
Interfictions 2 Aug 25
"And what makes magic is that we choose to create or help, just as we choose to harm." Mar 17
"The Red Piano" by Delia Sherman Mar 10
Are you reading this wrong? Mar 09
On tap from Subterranean Press Feb 17
Reading The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction & Fantasy Jan 18
"Ardent Clouds" by Lucy Sussex Jan 15
Because some of us do talk to dead people Jan 14
"The Goosle" by Margo Lanagan Nov 25
"North American Lake Monsters" by Nathan Ballingrud Oct 28
"Sonny Liston Takes the Fall" by Elizabeth Bear Oct 21
A Jewelbox title Sep 16
Science Fiction YA scares people Aug 16
Hercule Poirot with fangs May 09
Christmas Carols, aliens and love (or yet another example of Connie Willis brilliance) Jan 18
"...looking in the great west doors of St. Paul's at what is, like Langby, like all of it, every moment, in us, saved forever." Sep 16
"Stories Change. They change too easily and too often." Aug 28
What if it's not like we expect at all.... Jun 09
Name That Genre And Be Freaking Proud About It Apr 26
Ask and Ye Shall Receive Mar 27
Does it matter if we call it science fiction? Mar 23
Where for art thou young adult science fiction? Mar 22
The Farthing Set Would Have Killed Captain America Too Mar 14
Caitlin Kiernan, Sarah McLachlan and Finding An Angel Jul 31
Tam Lin Mar 29
Widdershins & Triskell Tales Mar 29
Best Sci Fi Writer You've Never Heard Of Mar 22
Joe Hill's Ghosts Mar 21
The Wand in the Word Jan 31
Announcing a Guilty Pleasure Jan 06