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Young Adult Book Review & Commentary

Isabel's War by Lila Perl Feb 13
Vango Book 1: Between Sky and Earth - a grand epic tale Dec 19
Going Over by Beth Kephart & wondering why we don't have more Cold War novels for teens Dec 16
Meg Wolizter's Belzhar and the enduring Sylvia Plath Dec 11
Whew....catching up! Oct 08
Considering the masterful plotting of Miss Peregrine and Hollow City Aug 12
"But this summer is different." Jul 23
I Stayed Up All Night Reading Robin Wasserman's The Waking Dark Aug 23
Sara Ryan + graphic novel + coming-of-age set in Oregon = CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT! Aug 14
One of my favorite reads of the year.... May 28
This girl did not need to fall for the guy Mar 26
A real murder that flounders in a YA novel Jan 07
A nice immigration lesson from Libba Bray's THE DIVINERS Nov 08
What I learned after reading Libba Bray's THE DIVINERS Oct 04
Ned Vizzini does some role playing game fun Sep 04
Attending a dream school with Blake Nelson Jul 30
Out of the ballpark on new Ellen Klages cover Jun 22
Timothy Decker Interview: "The illustrations are so specific that you can, if you want to, use the silhouette images from the trial portion of the book and match them to the British soldiers in the massacre scenes." Jun 12
On why The Book of Blood & Shadow is not The Da Vinci Code for teens May 21
Wherein I am disappointed by a book....or two Mar 15
Dear Authors: No more post-vomit kissing scenes, please Feb 29
"He looked at the world like he wanted to swallow it." Feb 09
Countering a Kirkus review Feb 06
Mr. Daniel Handler, you've impressed the hell out of me.. Jan 20
"This isn't some goddamn Narnia book." Nov 03
Understanding the nature of family - an interview with Sara Zarr Oct 24
Considering what best serves the book Oct 04
"You Are My Only" or little girl lost, frantic girl sent to asylum and when oh when will the truth come out? Sep 12
Most sinister book I've read in ages. Excellent. Aug 22
Leila the Great - smackdown version Jul 19
Maybe, finally, the books teens read are being honest Jun 07
In which I tell you I adored this book Apr 04
Wherein I wonder if I've stumbled upon racism in a book Feb 17
Made Me Want to Read the Book Oct 27
Attention CYBILS nominators... Oct 12
What We Talk About When We Talk About Books For Teenage Boys Sep 23
A thoroughly modern "Jane" just might not exist Aug 27
Have I read this before? Jun 02
A girl, a boy, some dead moths and a lot of drama May 03
Because the whole crossroads thing is just too cool Mar 30
Some lies, some truth - not sure if it works Mar 05
Wherein I call it quits on a subject Feb 05
And still I'm in the thick of this... Feb 05
What I learned while researching diversity Feb 04
Diversity article is up at Bookslut Feb 03
Things I am sick and tired of: Jan 08
Kids like us Sep 30
Mr. Gaiman and the Frost Giant Sep 29
Deconstructing a fairy tale Sep 17
All those moments of longing......... Sep 16
How to recommend a book written by and/or about a person of color (POC) Aug 10
You've gotta love those Canadians.... Aug 03
Are we really still writing this kind of thing? Jun 01
Time for the depressing and the funny Apr 22
The appeal of a true beach book Apr 21
Judge Me Feb 16
But what if a taboo YA subject is horribly common among teens in real life? Jan 29
A rant about the same old thing Jan 08
From the department of really really bad cover choices Jan 04
Sara Ryan's vision Oct 14
Teen titles for October - both spooky and political Oct 08
More from the YA trenches Sep 25
Doing what your favorite author wants you to do Sep 23
A historical fantasy mash-up Aug 26
When art and vandalism collide Aug 19
" was a sign of people who worked with their hands and left pieces of their labor wherever they lived." Aug 15
Lewis Buzbee makes me reconsider John Steinbeck Aug 06
My own soapbox moment: depicting class in contemporary lit Jul 24
Pullman, Nix, Burgess, Fowles & Burke - or how Jenny Davidson writes a YA novel Jul 22
Margo Rabb, YA and why this issue is more complicated then you might think Jul 21
For your planning purposes Jul 08
More on boys and girls Jun 20
Alternate histories Jun 03
A YA mystery plot or two Apr 09
Where for art thou teen detectives? Apr 04
ALA's top adult books for YA Feb 08
This one belonged in a Gilmore Girls episode Feb 07
An obsession put to good use Jan 29
Reconsidering Kiki Strike Jan 29
Druids are everywhere....... Jan 27
Out of Town edition and yes, I know about "Guys Read" Jan 23
Flying Cars and Lost Cities Jan 21
Future Fears Jan 10
Must we always blame the cheerleader? Jan 09
What a boy wants... Jan 04
How cool is this? Dec 20
How much of the history has to be correct? Nov 29
On the Importance of Finding Your Tribe Nov 20
"It's time for me to be true to myself, like the pop stars say. And my true self wants to blast off this rock." Oct 17
Accepting the Call Sep 10
"He said, She has a lovely face;" Aug 08
"Or is it because Scott and his men faced death in the way that every one of us would like to face it but we know we couldn't — with equanimity and heroism." Jul 26
"Good God, thought Janet, are they going to collect the undewear belonging to that girl who killed herself a couple of years ago and put it in a glass case with her favorite record albums and her high-school class ring and her god-damned Poli-Sci books?" Jul 19
They'll Be What You Want Them To Be Apr 23
Mockingbird chase and a fearless samurai Apr 09
Striking a Blow for Tripping to Somewhere Apr 04
Eclectica Edition #2 - For Readers of Young Adult Fiction Apr 01
From the Department of Presidential Assassin History Mar 29
Blog Tours Should Be the Next Big Thing Mar 27
Life & Books in Louisiana Mar 20
Margo Rabb Blog Tour Day #1 Mar 18
Don't Ya Just Love it When a Book is as Good as You Wanted It To Be? Feb 19
Cecil Castellucci's Beige Jan 25
Many Many YA Reviews Jan 08
Trying to think like a teenage girl Nov 20
The Blue Helmet Nov 18
Capsule Reviews Nov 13
Gemini Summer Aug 20
Endymion Spring Aug 14
Celebrating Bookish Girls Aug 11
Stella Brite & What I Don't Know About Dark Matter Aug 10
Here There Be Dragons Jul 23
Kiki Strike Jun 30
Gods of Winter May 28
This Ain't Your Mama's Wonderland May 25
Team Moon May 19
Meeting Mary Shelley May 14
You Can't Read This May 02
Chimney Sweeps May 02
Juan Francisco Manzano Apr 20
Cuba and Baseball Apr 14
Writing About the Bronx Zoo Apr 06
Am I An Immature Teenager? Mar 30
Julia's Kitchen (Not That Julia!) Mar 23
Lucking Into Amaryllis Mar 14
Loving Enola Holmes Mar 14
Monkey Town Mar 07
Landed Feb 26
I Love You Lulu Dark Feb 22
Amanda Hemingway Rocks Feb 08
And Now Justina Chen Headley Feb 07
High School Is Hell Feb 01
Kipling & The Black Duck Jan 04
Why Every Book Matters Nov 22
What I Learned From Walter Dean Myers Nov 17
The Queen of Cool Nov 02
Naomi Shihab Nye, War & Walmart Oct 21